God and Your money

The Bible has a lot to say about money.

With so much information, it’s easy to become confused.

There are some people who use Bible verses to say we are all supposed to be rich in this life.

And others use the Bible to make it sound like it is more holy to be poor.

That’s not because there is a contradiction.

It is because there is nuance!

In order to understand what the Bible teaches about money we have to work at getting the full picture.

One place we can look to learn a great deal of what God says about money very quickly is the book of Proverbs.


Wealth can be a blessing from God.

But, being rich isn’t always as great a blessing as some people think it is.

If you think, money is the ultimate answer to problems like fear, loneliness or a sense of purpose:

You are expecting money to do more than it can do for you.

In fact, if we are listening carefully, even people in the world will tell us that.

The reality is, there are some things much better than money.

Proverbs 3:13-15; 15:16; 16:19; 15:17; 17:1; 22:1 and 19:22

Obviously though, poverty has its disadvantages.

Proverbs 14:20; 18:23; 30:9

But, wealth has its problems too.

Which is why what you should want is just enough!

so, Stop worrying about impressing people with how much money you have.


And if you are not careful you can spend so much time trying to impress others with your life that you miss the whole point.

Instead of worrying so much about how to Get rich, work hard at being faithful with what He’s Blessed you with.

And most importantly, after all is said and done, if you are going to be faithful to what the Scripture teaches about money...


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