Teaching project Emily kaufman

According to your medication profile and interview, we will make a teaching plan for you. Healthy People 2020 has many topics to choose from.

  • Injury prevention seems to be the best topic to teach on for you. Let's get started!

Pre test

1. What is a side effect of cordarone?

2. What are factors that contribute to increased risk of falling?

3. Which symptoms do you report immediately to a healthcare provider?

Normal changes of aging include: reduced lower limb strength, limited movement, and reduced reaction time

Falls are a leading cause of injury in older adults!

We chose to focus on injury prevention because of your diagnosis and the medications you take for them. Hypotension is a common side effect of the medications you are on. Your weight and age pose another risk for falls and injury as well.

It is important to keep up a healthy diet and focus on getting daily exercise as well.

Objective: Stay injury free and keep yourself out of the hospital; this will reduce the chance of needing physical or occupational therapy which can be very costly. Broken ribs can also impair the respiratory system which poses a greater risk for you to develop pneumonia.

Assessment: Be aware of any changes in your vision, changes in the neuromuscular system such as confusion, and any changes in level of consciousness.

Overcoming barriers: Never be embarrassed or feel inferior because of having to make lifestyle changes to reduce injury. If you are used to sitting on the upper level for your grandchild's sporting event, you may have to sit in the lower section to prevent the risk of falling up the stairs.

Motivators: One motivator can be staying away from the hospital. This way you are able to watch your grandchildren participate in sporting activities. Injury will interfere with your daily schedule, and could affect your ability to farm.

Action Steps: Get rid of any rugs and make sure there are no cords that can cause you to trip. Empty your bladder before bed to reduce the amount of times you need to get up in the middle of the night. Wear non skid slippers around your home.

Community resources: visual screenings at the clinic uptown, family support, Healthy People 2020 website, National Council on Aging

Post test

1. What is a side effect of cordarone?

2. What are factors that contribute to increased risk of falling?

3. Which symptoms do you report immediately to a health care provider?


Sources: ZIJIAN, Q., & BACCAGLINI, L. (2016). Distribution, Determinants, and Prevention of Falls Among the Elderly in the 2011-2012 California Health Interview Survey. Public Health Reports, 131(2), 331-339

Herbert, R. (1992). The normal aging process reviewed. International Nursing Review, 39(3), 93-96.


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