Lung Cancer Emily dills

a) Healthy lung vs. Diseased Lung
b) Mutagens to cause disease:

Tobacco smoking, exposure to radon, asbestos, air pollution and genetics

c) U.S rate vs. NC rate

In the U.S 1,685,210 cases are diagnosed each year.

In NC the rate is 68.5 cases.

d) Survival Rate

1A: 49%

1B: 45%

2A: 30%

2B: 31%

3A: 14%

3B: 5%

4: 1%

e) Treatments

Radiation: use high energy X-rays on a tumor to destroy it

Chemotherapy: drugs taken over time to kill cancer cells

f) Cost

-Radiation costs around 25,508

-Surgery costs around 19,145

g) Ways to prevent Lung Cancer

Avoid smoking

Avoid secondhand smoke

Avoid radon gas exposure

Know your family history of the disease

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