Dystopian Literature in The Real World By ally c. 6th hour

The Maze Runner by James Dasher-How Their World Has Gone Awry:

1) Many boys are put into a maze, with no memory of their family or anything. All they know is their name, which might not even be their real name.

2) Some are even expected to die during the trials they were put it, just to be experimented on.

3) Grievers can kill them if they do not get out of the maze at night, the grievers were created by WICKED, the people who are experimenting on these kids.

4)Their knowledge of everything. Such as where they are, and who controls everything, how they god there, and how they got there.

5) The kids are being tracked on everything they do, everywhere they go, and everything they say.

How Our World Has Gone Awry

1) Limited knowledge in the real world: In North Korea, the people are limited in what they can search about and they aren't allowed to know about the world outside of North Korea along with barely any being able to escape.

North Korean children barely make it out to freedom of everything a normal person should be able to have.

2) People being experimented on in the real world: People have been being experimented on with things such as weapons and deadly chemicals. But much greater amounts of experiments have been done on animals.

An experiment on cell prisoners that went wrong. The people playing the guards started doing harsh things to the people playing the prisoners repeatedly.

3) Tracking: Now, there are many ways the government tracks you, such as watching what you do, say, or look up online. They can do this to find criminals if they are suspicious about you, but it's horrible to think about especially if you have nothing to do with any criminals.

Cell towers the NSA can track us with are all around the world, these are only some.

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