The Shroud of Turin Gary Coursey

The Shroud of Turin is supposedly the burial cloth of Jesus, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the shroud. I do believe that this was the cloth that covered Jesus' body


  • Dirt particles from this shroud were tested and it was shown that they came from ancient Jerusalem tomb (Shroud Story)
  • They first believed that the image could have been painted but they tested it and it was shown that it was not painted. The iron in the shroud was also not the source of the image. (Shroud Story)
  • Some believe radiation from the body could have caused the image(Wnd)
  • Abrasions on the shoulder show that he carried a heavy object, the man in the shroud also had cuts over his knee showing that he fell(Pewsitter)
  • Jesus' legs were not broken and neither were this mans (Pewsitter)
  • The man and Jesus' were both speared in the side (Pewsitter)
  • The man in the shroud also had blood around his head as if he wore a crown of thorns (Face of Jesus)
  • The original carbon dating could have been false due to earthquakes


  • Carbon dating dates the shroud to the early 1100s (Nat Geo)
  • Test did not break the blood down (Shroud)

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