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Dallas Hendry Smith was born December 4, 1977 in Langley, British Columbia. He is currently aged 39. Dallas Smith is a Canadian rock and country singer-songwriter. He is now married to his longtime girlfriend Kristen as of 2012, with a son named Carson. He and Kristen recently had another child, a baby girl who they named Vayda.

Dallas and his family attending the CCMA's June 2014

Early Career: If some of you are able to recognize Dallas Smith, you might be familiar with his previous work as the lead vocalist for alternative-rock band Default. Dallas Smith always had a passion for music growing up. He was mainly inspired by The Beatles, and female country singers like Reba McEntire and The Judds. Dallas was known for having a fear of singing growing up. Years later he faced his fears, and started a band playing some cover songs with some friends. "Default", was then noticed by Dallas' friend Chad Kreoger (Nickelback) who helped to sign their first record deal in 1999. His band then continued to produce four studio albums and sell over one million copies each worldwide. Default grew fan based attention more throughout Canada, but also in the United States from their hit single "Wasting My Time." (Also one of my favorites). Default resigned their title as of 2013, when lead vocalist Dallas Smith had already taken into country writing.

"Wasting My Time" Single by Default from the album: "The Fallout" Written by Dallas Smith, Produced by Chad Kroeger in 1999.
Photo of Dallas from the magazine: "Country Music Weekly"

"Jumped Right In" Career: After leaving Default, Dallas Smith has been signed to 604 Records/Universal Music Canada, as well as Big Loud Mountain Studios located in Nashville Tennessee. and released his solo debut country album, "Jumped Right In", on May 22, 2012, representing his "jumping right into country music". Dallas' first country album has sold over 100,000 digital copies and generated five singles on the Canadian Hot 100. "Jumped Right In" was nominated as Country "Album of the Year" at the 2013 Juno Awards.

Released on May 22/2012

Dallas Smith had received numerous awards since the start of his new country inspired career. Near the end of 2012, Mediabase named Dallas Smith the most played Canadian country act and number 8 overall on the list. As of 2013, Smith was nominated for "Male Artist of the Year", "Single of the Year", and lastly "Album of the Year" by the Canadian Country Music Association. Smith then performed at the CCMA's which took place on September 8, 2013. He continued to write more in 2013, and produced his single "Tippin Point" to be released on March, 04/2014 in the U.S and Canada. "Tippin Point" was ranked as the fastest single to be certified by Music Canada. since then the single has been certified Platinum in Canada and the "Tippin Point" video was ranked number 1 on CMT Canada. In the U.S, the song was also ranked number 1 on Sirius XM's channel "The Highway." Dallas sold over 120,000 singles of "Tippin Point" within the year of 2014.

Dallas performs at the Juno Awards. (2013)
Dallas receives his Juno Award on March 14, 2015.

After his release of "Tippin Point", he released another single off the album named "Wastin Gas". The rest of his album titled "Lifted" was released on November 25. "Lifted" won an award at the Juno's for "Country Album of the Year" in 2015, as well as "Album of the Year" at the CCMA's.

"Tippin Point" single
"Lifted" released on November 25 2015

On December, 19/2016, Dallas Smith releases his album "Side Effects". His recent album features 12 tracks, with guest appearances by The Cadillac Three. His album "Side Effects" includes his hit single, "Kids with Cars" and his latest "Autograph".

The main reason I had chose Dallas Smith as a "Famous Canadian" was more to the fact that I've always had a deep passion for hard rock. I grew up listening to his previous experience in the band Default, so this was an easy decision for me. Once Dallas became more solely known for the country aspect of music, it was definitely a big game changer for me when it came down to being a fan of his (positively that is). He also has some pretty sweet looking tattoos.

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