How America Got Started The story in five parts

I think when Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, it helped start America in many ways. Columbus tried to go West to find a shorter route to Asia. He ended up on Hispaniola, which was an island near the coast of what is now the US. He thought Hispaniola was Asia, so he tried to trade with the Indians that lived there. Columbus started the exploration of the new world. Without his new idea of traveling West, who knows how long it would have taken people to discover America. Without Columbus no one would have started exploring the Atlantic Ocean for a long time. If people didn't start exploring, people wouldn't have started settling in America. Without Columbus America probably wouldn't have started for a very long time.

I think when Walter Raleigh organized an expedition to start the first colony in the new world, it really helped start America. Walter Raleigh sent John White and his men across the Atlantic Ocean and to the new world. They landed and tried to start a colony. Soon after, John White had to go back to England for supplies. When he got to England, they didn't let him go back to North America. They didn't let him go back because they needed his ship to help defeat the Spanish Armada. Once that battle was done, John finally went back to the new world to resupply the first English settlement in North America. But, when he got there he didn't find anybody. The early settlers had just disappeared! Although the first English settlement in the new world wasn't successful, it started English settlement in North America. Without Roanoke, England might have never settled in the new world. If England didn't settle in the new world we might have ended up being Spanish, French, or even Dutch. America wouldn't be the country it is today.

The first battles of the Revolutionary War were Lexington and Concord. At Lexington the colonists lost very badly, and the British kept marching toward Concord and the ammunition that was being held there. At Concord, the colonists ambushed the British. The British lost very badly. This battle showed the colonists that they could beat the best army in the world. This battle gave confidence to the colonists. Without this battle the colonists probably wouldn't have gained any confidence in the beginning of the war. Without any confidence, the colonists might have lost the Revolutionary War.

The rest of the Revolutionary War was back and forth between the colonists and the British. Some battles in the war were Bunker Hill, Trenton, Saratoga, Camden, and Cowpens. The colonies were about to win, then they were about to lose. It kept going like that, until, the colonists won the final battle at Yorktown. The thirteen colonies beat the best army in the world! This obviously helped America start because the colonies became independent from Britain. Without the Revolutionary War, America would still be colonies under British rule.

The Treaty of Paris, 1783, was when the colonies and Great Britain officially ended the Revolutionary War. This was also when America became its own country. America made Britain agree to stop bothering them, and they agreed to not bother Britain. Even though America gained independence from Britain when they won the Revolutionary War, they officially gained independence after the Treaty of Paris. Without the Treaty, America would be independent, but Britain could have still technically ruled over us again. This treaty made sure America became independent, and it would stay that way.

The Constitutional Convention was in 1787. The Constitution was made during this Convention. The Bill of Rights was also made then, and that made the laws that the people of America had to follow. The Constitutional Convention was very important to American history because that was when we started acting like a country. We made the laws during that Convention. Without laws, the people wouldn't know how to act, and our country would be in chaos for a very long time. Also, we made the government during this meeting. Without all the branches of government, our country would be in chaos just like without laws.

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