In my Family I do most of the household chores because my mom gets up at 3:45 am every morning so when she gets home she’s really tired. So I always think the least I can do for her is clean the house.
After a long day of school and work we all like to sit on the couch and watch movies. Its when we spend the most time together as a family in the house.
My mom isn't home in the morning because she’s has work, so I have to get my sister ready for school every morning.
Since I only see my mom when I get out of school it’s the highlight my day when she gets home.
My mom’s car is gone and she’s at work by the time I’m awake in the morning.
On the weekends my brother, sister, and I don’t do a lot because my mom's at work, so we just sit at the house the most of the time.
I usually only get to see my dad on Sunday and Wednesday nights because his work schedule is so crazy.

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