Silke Reekmans I'm not here to be average, i'm here to be awesome

Who am I?

I'm an enthusiastic, self-motivated and hard working person. I have a creative mind and I am always up for new challenges. I have an active approach to work and getting things done. I'm an organized and reliable person and I am able to listen effectively to others and build up good working relationships with colleagues. I'm able to work under pressure and adhere to deadlines.

What have I previously done?

AllTV - Europese Commissie

Planning Coordinator (October 2016 - current)

  • Coordinating the daily scheduling of video and radio studios
  • Coordination and planning of producers, camera operators, photographers, etc.
  • Follow-up of studio applications in English, French and Dutch
  • Monitoring schedules of all freelancers

Medialife bvba

Internship Production Coordinator (May - July 2016)

  • Preparation of procurements for different companies and authorities
  • Production assistant on-site for various video-productions such as: Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen, Betfirst, Buffel Gin, Harmony, etc.
  • Coordination and planning of camera-operators and photographers
  • Pre-production of numerous video-productions such as: Luminus, Scora, Prato, The Oval Office, etc.
  • Market research for 360° videos

"Silke is a hardworking and very sociable workforce. She is determined to deliver every project with the same enthusiasm and a very strong characteristic of her is the independency in her work. With not much input she can come up with perfect results. She is a problem-solver and works enormously accurate. As a director, it was a pleasure knowing that I could always count on someone like her during a video production. She was a very valuable member of the company and she immediately found her place in our team."

- Roland Javornik (Video Director)

roland@medialife.be | +32496371923

Brussels Airlines

Customer Relations Representative (September - December 2015)

  • Dealing with customer reviews by email or letter in English, French and Dutch with a minimum of 40 records a day
  • Ensuring that a customer’s problem is brought to a suitable conclusion
  • Working with and understanding international aviation software
  • Able to work as part of a team in a busy environment
  • Ensuring international payments are redirected to the finance department with a high security level

Big Media Group

Internship Marketing Assistent (January - June 2015)

  • Developing business plan for new business unit TransportIN
  • Understanding current sales processes by assisting account managers on the job
  • Creating and produce market research on future markets
  • Forming recommendations to senior managers based upon research findings
  • Custom-built formal research, introduced procedures & business systems
  • Overhaul internal training manual for account managers
  • Co-hosting monthly networking events with CEO’s and senior managers from different sectors with a minimum of 90 attendees

"Silke worked as a trainee in our company in 2015. Silke is very pro-active and productive. She sees the work and takes initiative. Among other things her main tasks were in the field of Research and Marketing and she supported in organizing events for our customers. She can work independently and is also a great team player."

- Lian Cuypers (Chief Operations Officer)

Lian.cuyers@big-media-group.com | +32476326046

Deadline Entertainment Group

Internship Junior Event Manager - TMF Stressfactor (February - May 2014)

  • Co-ordinating activities on-event such as setting up the event site, managing the backstage
  • Develop event schedules for all stakeholders
  • Being the contact person for artistS on-event
  • Managing relationships with sponsor
  • Developing a new communication strategy for StressFactor campaign 2015
  • Writing press releases and distributing them
  • Able to react quickly and effectively when dealing with challenging situations

"Silke is very motivated and is definitely willing to learn. With her hands-on mentality and her great skills in communications she has loads of potential. It was a pleasure working with Silke."

- Nicolas Lambrechts (Project Coordinator TMF StressFactor)

Nicolas.lambrechts@deadline.be | +32479667703

What do others think of me?

Silke is a very motivated and ambitious woman. She is persistent in everything she does and she always takes responsibility. And above all, she knows how to motivate everyone around her for 100%. - Maxine Dekoning (Account Executive at Generali Employee Benefits)
Silke is very motivated, she knows what she wants and she will put a lot of effort in achieving her goals in life. - Daphné Dupas (Business Management Student)

What am I passionate about?

Why should you hire me?

I'm always looking for a challenge
I complete every taks with maximum effort
I'm funny

Don't hesitate to contact me for further information



Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon!
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