Star Wars The party awakens

Three months ago, in an apartment not too far away...

Three nerds were so excited for the release of The Force Awakens that they decided the throw a Star Wars party. We called it an XMas/House Warming party to make it more "accessible" but let's be honest...it was all about Star Wars.

Me, Mike, and Ben (a.k.a. the nerdiest people you will ever meet)

This wasn't our first rodeo. Ben, Mike and I have done a few theme parties before this, including a Harry Potter Halloween Party and a Superhero Murder Mystery, so we knew pulling this off was going to take some work. We started in September and by December we'd turned House #ChenLo into the Star Wars Universe.


You don't just enter a Star Wars party, you scroll in. We created a door-sized opening crawl ...which opened to a 42" Death Star.

The Cantina Band was entertaining at Mos Eisley Cantina (a.k.a. the bar, where we did Light Side vs. Dark Side scorpion bowls and flip cup plus some interestingly shaped jello shots)...

...and if you were hungry there were Jabba the Cupcakes, Stormtrooper Marshmallows, GuacaYoda, and of course, dinner from Pizza the Hut.

Yoda pretty much kept to his swamp on Degobah.

Yoda in the Degobah(throom)

Jabba the Hut made an appearance--and took some pictures with guests. He's much taller in person.

Jabba the Hutt (L), Leia takes him down (R - Photo by Emily)

There were quite a few recognizable faces from the Star Wars Universe in attendance (a.k.a. our friends are the best).

All battles were fought via drinking games

And last but not least, people weren't allowed to leave until they took some photo booth pictures.

I'll keep updating this page as more photos emerge. In the mean time I'll leave you with some behind the scenes pictures.

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Shambhavi Kadam

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