Frankenstein's Fear By Carl-Scott Hawkins

Fear, what is fear? Fear is a chain reaction that stimulates from the brain which causes you stress out at that current moment. This causes your heart rate to speed up and also to clinch your muscles in your body. An example is when your home alone and nothing is on but your t.v. and your so focused on it you can hear the t.v. all around you, then out of the blue the front door comes off from the frame and you start to breathe fast and don't know what to do but sit there in fear

Some occasions of fear for example was in the book Frankenstein. One quote from the was when, "Victor completes his creation. But when he brings it to life, its awful appearance horrifies him." (Chp. 5). Another occasion was when the monster saw his reflection and realized why everyone in the village feared him. (Pg. 80). These two moments are prime examples of fear in the book Frankenstein.

Work cited: Pg. 80 in Frankenstein book. Chp. 5 in Frankenstein book


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