Digital Workshops

Teesside University is offering students and staff the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your digital knowledge. These workshops are design to boost your digital competency, make efficient and effective use of digital technology within your course of study, workplace and improve employability.

Please find below a list of current workshops that are available, the workshop offerings will continuously develop as the digital world evolves. Book your place using this link. Due to the current pandemic, all workshops will be delivered via Microsoft Teams.

We can also offer bespoke training workshops for staff and students, please contact Technology Enablement with your requirements.

OneNote - your Digital Notebook

Stay organised and learn how to use OneNote as a digital Notebook, dividing it into sections and pages. Insert your PowerPoint presentation, annotate and make notes during your session.

Brainstorm your ideas, take a picture or create a video and use it as a reflect tool. Sync them among across different platforms, including Windows, Macs, tablets, smart phones and the web.

Duration: 45 mins

OneDrive - One place for everything

OneDrive not only allows you to keep your University data safe and secure, you can also access it from any device, anywhere with the power of cloud storage.

Learn how to create folders and subfolders to stay organised. Work collaboratively with peers in real time with the Office apps. View previous versions of your documents.

Duration: 45 mins

Office Lens - your Digital Scanner

You no longer need to use a photocopy! Use Office Lens to capture notes and information using you tablet or smart phone. Upload your scans to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and you can save them as PDF or send them in email.

Office Lens recognises the text whether its handwritten or printed and becomes fully editable using the Office apps.

Duration: 45 mins

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

Learn how to work collaboratively with your peers, schedule meetings, chat with instant messaging, make & receive calls, sharing your screen and add a custom background.

Create a Team to share with colleagues, use it as a repository to share and edit documents in real time from anywhere.

Duration: 45 mins

iPad - Tips & Tricks

Use Multitasking to use two apps simultaneously on your iPad with Split View; type your essay and research on the internet at the same time. Use Reader view to read webpages without distractions, hide ads, navigation menus, etc.

Learn to organise and bookmark your webpages. Convert a webpage into a PDF, upload it to OneDrive and annotate it with your comments. Dictate text on your iPad instead of typing.

Duration: 45 mins

Fun with Apple Clips

Use your Apple device (iPhone or iPad) to create short fun videos using Apple Clips. Use the simple editing options, add overlays, backgrounds and animated text over your videos and photos to bring them to life.

Make it fun to Reflect, Retrieve, Recap & Revise using Apple Clips.

Duration: 45 mins

Designing a Poster or PowerPoint for your Presentation

Learn to navigate the PowerPoint interface and explore its functions to design a Poster or PowerPoint for your presentation. Analyse good and bad design elements; think about the use of fonts, colours, and pictures.

Duration: 1 hour

Adobe Premiere Rush Fundamentals

Premiere Rush is Adobe’s all-in-one video app that allows you to edit & share videos, quickly and easily from your smartphone, tablet & computer.

Learn to use Premiere Rush to creating short videos quickly using the the most basic editing tools. Unleash your creativity and use Premiere Rush for your next presentation or vlog.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Staff Induction - IT made simple

An introduction to the IT systems, resources, facilities and Services within the University. Understanding how you can login to systems, what help and training is available, how to access your email, where to store your personal data and printing facilities that are available.

Learn how to stay safe in the digital world with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), explore the collaborate and communicate platform, Microsoft Teams & Blackboard.

Duration: 45 mins

Broadcast using Microsoft Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams Live Events is used as a one-to-many broadcast platform with a large online audience (up to 20,000 participants). The host would lead the event, allowing presenters to share content, the audience can watch the live event and interact using a live moderated text-based Q & A.

Teams Live Events can be used for webinars, lectures, presentations, conferences & much more.

Duration: 1 hour - Coming Soon!

Microsoft Forms - efficient way to create online forms

Use the powerful Microsoft Forms app to create a professional online form, quiz, poll or survey. Your can include multiple choice questions, open ended text fields, ratings, likert scale and even request files to be uploaded.

Use the dashboard to review and analyse the responses. Export the information in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis or reviewing.

Duration: 45 mins - Coming Soon!