The Great Purge Brandon conard, Hudson mccune, Heaven serrano, Geo De la rosa

The Great Purge took place 1929- 1938 in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Joseph Stalin committed all the executions of shooting 681,692, an average of 1,000 killer per day, 30,000 members of the Soviet Red Army killed, and 7 million perished in Ukraine in farming area.

The Great Purge affected Ukrainians such as farmers, scientists, cultural and religious leaders. There were 1,548,367 victims.

After this war, Stalin continued his control over Ukraine and Eastern Europe and no punishment was ever given to him or anyone in the Soviet Union for this genocide. The killings were never known till after the collapse of the Soviet union in the early 1990's.

To this day, it is unknown exactly how many were killed in the Great Purge and forced famine in the Ukraine, but it most likely millions.


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