Creating A Signature Look

What Is A Signature Look

A Signature Look is the flagship of your personal style. It should represent who you are and is the outfit people picture when they think of you. Example: Cardigan & Pearls.

When creating your Signature Look think of Style icons such as Jackie O, First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Audrey Hepburn to name a few. These women are always consistent with their look.

Having a signature style signifies a considerable amount of knowledge: you know what you like, who you are and what style suits you. Both confidence and authenticity enhances what you are trying to express through your look and makes it all the more powerful.

Signature Look in 4 Steps

I.Define Your Style Concept

Your style concept does not have to be a masterpiece right now. For many of us it is still a work in progress. It can take six months or even a year to create and that’s ok. (I’m still working on mine) Create for current likes for it will ultimately allow your style to evolve and develop.

The first step in your style journey is to create a Look Board (similar to a vision board). Take looks that you like and are inline with what you want your style to consist of. Only place images you truly like. Then use your board to build a style concept.

If this is your first time building a style concept, take your time with this step. Spread it out over a few days to allow your ideas to develop. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

II. Wardrobe Needs

Apart from your style, your look should be tailored to your body, coloring and lifestyle. This look is to be worn more than once or twice a month. As your flagship look it should play a huge part in your outfit rotation and be suitable for everyday.

Ask yourself the following question:

What activities do I plan to do while wearing my signature look?

What do you like on yourself (pencil skirts. Pastel colors, straight-leg pants)

What don’t you like (ruffles, ankle length skirts, crazy patterns)

III. Concepts of the Look

With this step you will put together all of the information you gathered and

put it together into a single outfit.

Any outfit can be broken down into five simple steps:

Proportion- this is nothing more than a combination of specific item categories Example: long-sleeve, loose fitting sweaters slim fitting jeans etc. If your board does not include a lot of pictures, finding a certain proportion or represent your look may be tough. Ask yourself, if I were to walk out of the house with this style what kind of outfit would it be? Jeans and T-shirt, Skirt and blouse, or sweat pants and a tank top.

Color- Look at the color palette you have created and narrow it down to 2-4 colors and play around with different color combinations to determine if they suit your skin-tone, hair and eye color.

Accessories- What accessories will work with your look. Think jewelry, belts, scarfs, shoes, handbags etc.

Hair & Makeup- You will want to definitely want to take your lifestyle into consideration for this step. If you only have 10 minutes to devote to this create a routine that will work for you. Also YouTube is a great resource for looking for hair and make-up routines.

Details- Consist of shirt tucked in or left out, undergarments, patterns and embellishments or something as simple as rolling up your sleeve

For each of the components you want to find the best representation for your look. As you are doing this write down what you like and don’t like. This sway you can go back and make any necessary adjustments. Your final product will be a complete look.

IV. Implement Your Look

Now it is time to put everything together and share it with the world. Wear it with confidence and enjoy it. This is also a great way to get use to your look. If don’t like and make any adjustments as you see fit.

Additional Tips

1. Be daring & creative-don’t be afraid to mix two or three random colors. Use your favorite colors or try colors that match your personality.

2. Make sure that you have enough time in the morning to put your look together along with you other morning rituals.

3. Under garments are details and are important. They can take an outfit from frump to umph.

4. Know what you can and cannot wear to work.

5. If your friends don’t like your look, ask them what they don’t like.

6. If ever in doubt about what your wearing ask a friend.


Created with images by Emily Rachel Poisel - "6/365"

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