"A Bittersweet Memoir" by Jerry Izenberg November/ december 2016 ar biography activity

"And most of all, those cold numbers won't begin to delineate the man Roberto Clemente was."(p.106)

Based upon the context clues the word delineate means to explain in detail.

"The earth trembled and people died."(p.107)

Based upon the context clues, the word "trembled" means to have shaken.

"Shortly before the first rays of sunlight, the car turns down a bumpy secondary road and moves past small shantytowns, where the sounds of the children stirring for the long walk toward school begin to drift out on the morning air."(p.107)

Based upon context clues, the word Shantytowns means small, poor towns.

"Then there is another turn, between a brace of trees and onto the hard packed dirt and sand, and although the light has not yet quite begun to break, you can sense the nearness of the ocean."

Based upon context clues, the word brace means a group.

"Long before take-off time, it was apparent that the plane needed more work."

Based upon context clues, the word apparent means obvious.

"The departure time was delayed an hour, and then two, and then three."

Based upon context clues, the word departure means the time something is scheduled to leave.

"They walked through the heat and they drove cars and battered little trucks, and the mound of supplies grew and grew."

Based upon context clues, the word battered means broken down.

"He told me that Pedron Zarrilla, who was one of our most prominent baseball people, had seen him play, and that Perdon wanted him to sign a professional contract with the Santurce Crabbers."

Based upon context clues, the word prominent means important, well known.

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