My trip to Canterbury bY JUTTA VAN eNGELEN

Day 1

Monday 3rd of April 2017

8:00 Today is the day. we're going to Canterbury. I have packed every thing. I think? I hope so. If I forgot something i would be in trouble. Mabye I check. I have in my suitecase my clothes, my toiletries, my UK adapter, snacks, towel, ... I need to go. My father is calling me 'We need to go!'

11:30 I'm sitting in a restaurant. And yes i have evrything with me. the bustravel is now going well. Next to me are sitting my friends.

I : Noelle try to say this please!

Noelle: Only if you guys aren’t filming it.

Nikya: Why not?

Noelle: Because I get nervous.

I: Oke, we won’t

Nikya and I secretly filming Noelle

Noelle: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked

Laura: haha

I: No how can you say those things so fast?

Noelle smiling

It’s almost time to go back to the bus. We still have a long ride ahead of us. A really boring and long ride. But with friends with you not that boring anymore. We’re almost in Belgium. I’m still so nervous. You never know how those things go. 5 days for home with your class. Sleeping by a host family. Noelle and I are with each other in the host family. I hope they’re nice. But you never know. Maybe they’re are old and don’t like children, but that wouldn’t make sense. Why would they be a host family then?

our view at the meeting point in Ramsgate

18:00 We’re waiting for our host families. The bus was early so we just enjoy the view. It’s beautiful. The sea and the air are perfectly blue. Expect our group is there nobody. Just looking at the sea make me calm. Around me are my classmates laughing. I think everyone is nervous, but we don’t want to show it to each other. Nikya and Laura are called. Their family is there. We say goodbye. The we get called. Our family is there.

21:30 I’m lucky. We have a really friendly family. Their names are Matthew and down. They have a daughter named Laura, but we haven't seen her yet. They also have a dog named Smokye (he is so cute) and a lizard name Scibbo ( I think it, I don't remember it that well). We talk for like two hours about every thing. From being a host family to our lives at home. Now I’m in my room with Noelle. We have a bunk bed. The food wasn’t super good but it was edible. This I for now the only thing that’s bad. I think we’re lucky. It could been worse. Rachel and Jamie are texting me. They have a really bad family. The food was disgusting and the fight a lot. Yes, I think we’re very lucky.

the home of our host family and Scibbo
Day 2

Tuesday 4th of April 2017

21:00 Today was amazing. Like really amazing. Today we explored the city. First went inside the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge. Some of the paintings and objects there were so cool. Like a display of blue butterfly’s. They were so beautiful. The blue was so vibrant. By these butterfly’s was there also a cage with mounted blue birds. The birds were the same blue as the butterfly’s. However the excises were annoying. Because of that is had less time looking at the object and was I more focused on making the excises. After the Beany House we walked through the city.

The beautiful butterfly's.

Later we went to the Canterbury tales. It’s about a group of pilgrims on their way to the Canterbury cathedral. They tell each other stories. However the Canterbury tales end even before the made It to Canterbury. Because Geoffrey Chaucer, the writer of the Canterbury tales, died before he could finish it. We went with a group of fifteen inside. In the first two rooms there was someone to guide us. He introduce us to the group of pilgrims. After that he left and we went to the third room. We listened to an audio guide while the stories got told. On our way to the last room we met another guide he told us the last part. I loved this audio guide because of the attention of detail. In every room there were things that had something to do with the story that got told.

Then we had again some free time. Around 17:30 we gathered on square in front of the Canterbury cathedral. We went back to our meeting point in Ramsgate. Now I’m in my room. Like yesterday the food wasn’t that great. And still we haven’t seen Laura what is weard.

Day 3

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

7:00 I just woke up. Today we’re going to Dover castle and the white cliffs of Dover. Now I need to get ready so we can go to the meeting point.

Dover castle

20:00 The castle was beautiful. On the top we had our lunch. A lot of people were there. My friends and I had a lot of fun taking pictures. In other words I had a great time. But the best thing was the walk on the white cliffs of Dover. We walked something like an hour to the South Foreland Lighthouse. The view was so wonderful. Some of the parts were a little bit scary because we walked so close to the edge. But the sea, the cliffs, the sky and just everything had something beautiful. I hope that I can come back someday. It is so stunning (I think I’m repeating myself). At the South Foreland Lighthouse we had some time to relax. After about an hour or more we went back to the bus and back to the meeting point. All in all I was an amazing day.

Dover castle and the white cliffs of Dover
Day 4

Thursday 6th of April 2017

20:30 Last day in Canterbury. With this in my mind I woke up and started the day. First we had a walk on the beach. It was very sunny what was bad for me because yesterday I got a sunburn. I doesn’t hurt but the sun makes it worse.

the Beach walk

Then we went to the Reculver Towers. But we’re a bit late so I couldn’t see that much. I saw a little bit.

the Reculver Towers

Then we had lunch. This time in a pub. I think it was horrible. I had a tasteless bun with a dry beef burger and I had soft fries. However I didn’t had the worse. Some other people had something else and that looked even more horrible.

the Canterbury Cathedral

When we were done with eating we went to the Canterbury cathedral. As assignment we had to take pictures of things. Rachel and I needed to make pictures of the stained glass windows. They were beautiful. Nikya and Jamie made pictures of the ceiling. We were in a room and nobody except I, Nikya, Jamie and Rachel were there. Because it was difficult to make a good photo of the ceiling Nikya was lying on the ground. Now she had to chance to make a great photo. Then Rachel and I decided that we wanted to make a picture of her like this. So we did. Then I made a photo of Rachel making a picture of Nikya while she was maikg a photo of the ceiling.

the photos of each other

After that we were finished with the excises, so we could go. Then we had some free time again. In the evening were needed to be back at the cathedral. We ha d a church service. It was good to see for one time but it was a bit too long. My feet hurt and we needed to stand up and then sit again. That didn’t help my feet at all. After that we went back to the bus and the meeting point at Ramsgate.

It’s weird. We worked to this the whole year. Now it almost over. Tomorrow we are going home. I would like to stay for a little longer and see more but I’m also happy to go home. To see my brother and parents. And I’m excited to eat better food that my mother made. The food wasn’t so good. Every day it got worse I thought. But the people were nice and they had cute pets. I think we’re lucky, we had a nice family and it could been worse.

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