El Garhy TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for choosing me for this campaign that certainly attracts and intrigues any director. I think we are about to make a very comedic campaign for our product that audience will hopefully enjoy.

Overall Approach

As soon as I read the script I was really challenged because of the nature of this project. Because the concept is simple and to the point and that's why the execution has a great responsibility of keeping things as simple and straight forward as the concept. This project involves good sense of humour, corny attitude and a unique cast.

There are really many aspects to this project, which I believe transforms it from a simple proposal to become truly intelligent advertising. But the first and most prominent would have to be the use of the unexpected talent and a beautifully crafted story twist. For instance I love that the story opens in a very subtle yet intriguing manner and ends with simply saying how people miss use the word 'steel' in their everyday life.

These style of stories are fun, exciting and instantly connect with the viewing audience, creating a series of felt moments that we all experience. The key of this ad is to make the situations real rather than fake and make sense of the relation of the use of the 'steel' word in comparison to the story line. I really do believe there is something in this film for everybody, which is a great position to begin with and go a long way to helping us deliver the project's key message.


Copy 1 - Boxing

In this copy I will focus mainly on the location and the look of the copy that will set the viewer in a very serious and attractive position. We then show the back of our hero in the shadows entering a corridor and we reveal the location with the lightings that will show how empty our field is and how only old audience members are the ones watching. We will start by seeing the intense situation of the fight and the preparation of the hero with his coach.

Very all people are sitting around the arena and we see the coach, very old as well announcing the start of the fight.

We cut to see a close up on the instructions that are being given last minute from the coach and how confident and arrogant our hero seems to be. And the fight starts with the high expectation from our hero and then suddenly, the gets hit by his opponent and in a slow motion we see him fall directly on the floor.

Reference for Grading

Copy 2 - Duck Chase

We start with a wide shot for the landscape and we see two men standing with a pistol trying to catch a duck. The man keeps posing and taking his time to make the right move, showing how much of expertise he has.

His friend is being very impressed by him and gives him warnings regarding gun shots, while our hero shows no interest and focuses on the duck. He suddenly pulls the trigger and we see him jumping from his place on his back, while the trigger fetches the duck and it falls on his friend's head.

Copy 3 - Waiter

We will start with a POV shot of someone entering the kitchen door quickly like they do in restaurant and people shouting out for orders. We cut to see the waiter carrying the plates and putting them down.

He tries to hurry the staff up and decides to take his tray and put 3 order on it so we see the tray about the explode and his face very small between it.

The manager advices him not to do that and to take it slow, the waiter refuses and pushes the door with his feet while holding the tray and the minute he comes out we see him losing control on the tray in slow motion and the plates all fall down in the middle of the restaurant in front of the people.


My Idea for the demo is to show El Garhy Steel's creation journey, starting by its formation process until we see it in construction area ready to create the construction models.

Camera Movement & Technique

In this copy we will use static camera with cuts to wrap up the situation in a humorous manner and with a slow motion speed at the very end in each situation. There might be a slight use of hand held camera to give some breathe in at the end the beginning to give the audience the feel of being real and there in the situation itself.

The camera movement is yet simple, breathing and letting the audience have time to absorb the suspense that you experience through the character's behavior and overall mood. The copy will be cut to show the interaction between the two main characters and the ambiance around them and how the situation plays a great role in the action and reactions of the characters.


So as I'm sure you can tell by now I have quite a large vision for this fun commercial. What I always like to remind my creative partners of at this stage of the process is that we really are at step one of the filmmaking process.

We have a script we all love, we have a succinct vision we all desire, we have a fresh and new concept that can turn this copy to a comedian masterpiece and we now just have to come together and really hone the story, the action on this occasion until we end up creating a film that is beyond all of our expectations.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Created By
Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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