Springtime A walk through the Oostvaardersveld

Basking in the sunlight it's a little peace of heaven on earth
Searching for birds, even if it is in a book...
No one is to be left behind on this walk
The Oostvaardersveld is part of the Dutch nature reserve 'the Oostvaardersplassen'. You're allowed to acces the area and several hiking routes are marked. It's an ideal place to walk the dog and enjoy - cultivated - nature!
The horses that populate the area migrate throughout the fields
New and old life
The buzzing of bumblebees fills the air
Following the path takes us past little surprises
Seeing through the reeds what is beyond
Drifting through the water, lightened by the sun
And back again, charged for another day. Leaving, but with the promise of more beautiful things the next time we're visiting again!


Copyright 2017 - Marty hermans

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