Big Ridge Elementary School Counseling Newsletter


  • Dec. 19 - Jan. 3 - Winter Break
  • Jan. 6 - Students Return
  • Jan. 10 - Report Cards
  • Jan. 20 - No School / MLK Day
  • Jan. 27 - 31 - Children's Advocacy Center Presentation (K-5)

February and March:

  • Jan. 29 - Feb. 7 - K-2 Benchmark Testing Window
  • Feb. 3 - 7 - Book Fair
  • Feb. 5 - Half Day / PD Day
  • Feb. 7 - Picture Day
  • Feb. 7 - Progress Reports
  • Feb. 17 - No School / President's Day
  • Feb. 19 - Red Cross Pillowcase Project (4th)
  • Feb. 21 - Red Cross Pillowcase Project (5th)
  • Feb. 27 - Parent-Teacher Conf.
  • Feb. 28 - PTA Auction (6PM)
  • Mar. 2 - 6 - Rock Eagle (5th)
  • Mar. 2 - 10 - 3-5 Benchmark Testing Window
  • Mar. 13 - End of Quarter 3
  • Mar. 16 - No School / PD Day
  • Mar. 19 - Celebration of Learning
  • Mar. 20 - Report Cards
  • Mar. 24 - Parenting in the Digital Age via First Things First (6PM)
  • Apr. 3 - 10 - Spring Break

Recent Counseling Lessons

The Color Monster attacked K-2 classrooms and his/her mission was simple … discuss the many emotions that we experience, along with healthy ways of managing them. Ways such as 1) Breathing 2) Talking 3) Movement and 4) Mood Boosters (i.e. drawing, playing, etc).
Habit #3 - Put First Things First! BRE Students (K-5) learned the importance of putting first things first via our Rocks, Pebbles, Sand activity. In order for all the materials to fit in a mason jar the rocks must go first, followed by the pebbles and sand. Rocks = Family, Friends, Health. Pebbles = School, Work, Chores. Sand = TV, Video Games, Phones.
BRE 5th grade students visited the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for our annual College Knowledge Now field trip! Students gained valuable knowledge about Post-Secondary Education … which includes a 4-year school, 2-year school, and a trade school. In addition to post-secondary education, students researched and selected career fields that they would like to explore!
College Knowledge Now post field-trip evaluation scores
Transitioning to Middle School - Student Outreach Services via EdSouth spoke with our 5th students about their upcoming transition to Middle School. Discussion points included Academics, Peer Pressure, Clubs/Sports and more! Email MANSUETO_ROCCO@hcde.org if you'd like the full presentation.

Other (Awesome) News …

The Kindness Crew are visiting K-5 classrooms and encouraging BRE students to sign The Kindness Pledge!
Congratulations to our BRE Q2 Kindness Matters Award Winners: William Yao, Emma Nelson, Jaxson Simpkins, and Haven Gilliam.
BRE and the Student Leadership Team (SLT) collected socks, hats, and gloves this winter/holiday season. All items gathered will be donated to the Community Kitchen, whose mission is to "meet the most basic needs of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in the Chattanooga community …". Thank you to all those who donated!

Need to know!

Just a quick and important reminder about the HCDE Truancy/Attendance Policy …
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