Laguna Beach, CA Emma sorensen

My sister lives here, in Laguna Beach.

The absolute location of Laguna Beach is 33.5422° N, 117.7831° W. The relative location is about 1 hour South of LA.

Laguna Beach is 1 hour from LA. There are mountains not too far off and the coast is very close. There are many buildings and busy streets. The sidewalks are pedestrian friendly but in some areas are hard to walk on. There are plants almost everywhere you go. There are several bird species around, along with sea life and lizards that remind me of Geico. Laguna is 19.69′ above sea level. The total population is approximately 22,723. Houses are generally pretty small but there are larger houses as you go up the mountain side which is commonly referred to as "The Hill". The area is well known for arts festivals and strong artistic feel.

In Laguna there are plenty of trees but could be more. All the fences are covered in green Ivy and there is a lot of roadside greenery. Plenty of recycling bins are placed near parks and beaches. There is a place called Crystal Cove State Park which brought old houses to the park to re-use for little cottages available for rent. During the warmer months there are many people at the beaches and walking to several shops.

Trolleys, trains, cars, bikes, and walking are popular ways to get around. The trolley runs on the roads like a bus and has no windows. It only runs on weekends during the summer. Cars are out nonstop and at fast speeds. Even on back roads they are dangerous to be near. motor bikes go in the middle of cars on roads and weave through traffic. Bikes and pedestrians share sidewalks but bikes have a bike path sometimes. Near Laguna there is a naval base with big ships. Trains carry passengers and cargo along parts of the coast.

One of the trolleys.

Laguna beach is in Orange County, CA. Which is in the southern part of California. In the southwest part of the United States. On the North American continent.


Created with images by Orange County Archives - "Main Beach, Laguna Beach, circa 1980s" • kimbassett - "ocean laguna beach" • tdlucas5000 - "Laguna Beach" • kerotab - "Laguna Beach" • Loco Steve - "Crater Lake trolleys at Klamath Falls Ca. ( 2 Views )"

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