How to jump a horse!! By:Kenzie Riley

There are so many ways to learn to jump a horse.You need poles and anything else to hold the poles up so you can jump over the poles.

This are people that have practice all their life to be able to jump really good and they know how to do and the steps to do it.
The first step is basics you have to put the poles on the ground to get the horses used to jumping so they don't mess up and they don't get hurt.
Then you can start doing little jumps and that gets the horse used to the jumps then when you get to the little lumps and the horse is doing goo you can move on.
Then after you move on you can go to a bigger jump and when you go to a bigger jump you can start moving on every time they do good.
Then when you go to the next step you can go to a much bigger jump. The bigger the better and you can tech other people how to do it.
When you move to a really big jump always remember the horse may not jump it because it is really big and you don't want to get horse or let the horse get hurt.
When you get to this step you could be the best jumper ever. But when you want to jump in life always know that you have to a special kind of horse to jump.
When you reach this goal you can do almost anything you want to.

Don't make the horse stop if you are too scared to jump the jump.Also don't be scared when you are going to jump because the horse can know your fears then it makes them really scared. The last tip is don't jump if you don't want to.

I learned to do this because I new some horses could jump so I wan't to try it because it looked so fun to do so I did it and ever sense I have done it.I have always like watching people how to do it then I just really wanted to do it so I did.So when you watch someone do something and you want to try it go ahead and try it.When you try new things you will like it a lot.

You can always jump as high as you want to like this girl she wanted to jump really high like all of her friends did.
You can jump any kin d of horse all you need to do is follow the steps to get a horse to jump and then you can start jumping like a pro does.
You always have to use this kind of b\race on your horses legs when you jump them so they do not hurt their front legs when they jump that pole.


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