COVID-19 Education Relief Fund the impact

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Around the Bay Area, many students were sent home on March 19th. It was the first day of the Shelter-in-Place. For some students, transitioning to distance learning was simple. Their families already had the necessary supplies needed to learn from home. For others, this was a challenge. Low-income families were already struggling to make ends meet - how could they afford the extra costs that come with a pandemic?

With the help of our community and through the COVID-19 Education Relief Fund that was quickly created to meet this need, Family Giving Tree was able to offer assistance. By partnering with schools that were distributing meals to students on the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, we were able to place kits into their hands, easing things at home.

(Volunteers creating kits and staff distributing them to schools.)

Our Education Relief Fund provided students with School Supply Kits and grocery gift cards for their families. Each School Supply Kit included pens, pencils, a spiral notebook, eraser, glue stick, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, markers, construction paper, ruler, 2-pocket folder, and a pencil sharpener. By providing the proper supplies, we were able to help students from low-income families around the Bay Area smoothly transition to distance learning. The kits also provided materials for creative activities at home.

"One story that I can share is with a student that I have connected with. She is a High School Senior and member of the San Pablo Youth Commission. I have seen her frequently, when I am volunteering at the school lunch sites. She has been picking up meals for her younger brother and two cousins. I was able to provide an Education Relief Kit to her, after a meal pick up. She said, "Oh, there is construction paper and glue? This is so cool! My mom has been watching my brother and my cousins, and they are getting bored. She was having them do arts and crafts, but we ran out of supplies. They are going to be so excited to have construction paper!" - Elise V. Community Services Coordinator

The Education Relief Fund ended on May 8th and collected over $40,000 that funded our School Supply Kits and gift cards for families. It took 155 volunteer hours with two to five volunteers a day to safely pack all School Supply Kits. We were able to distribute over 3,900 kits with help from volunteers from Awakening Church, staff from Bay Area schools and our hard-working Ops Team here at Family Giving Tree.

Over $40,000 raised and 3,900+ kits distributed!

(Students and families receiving School Supply Kits and gift cards.)

We are overwhelmed by the support shown from our community through our Education Relief Fund as many people came together to help these families. On behalf of Family Giving Tree, thank you to everyone who took part in our Education Relief Fund. We were able to bring many smiles home to students and their families during such a time difficult time.

Granting Wishes For Joy And Learning To Those In Need