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Hello Beautiful!

My name is Tracy H. Burleson and I am the owner of Hewson PhotoWorks, LLC and Studio Tracy in Delaware, OH. My love of photography, combined with my passion for working with women, has led me to create the amazing experience that is a Studio Tracy Boudoir Session.

Most women, myself included, struggle with self image. We internalize the unrealistic examples of perfection portrayed in the media and allow it to make us feel inferior. We try to fit ourselves into an impossible mold, thinking we will be perfect if we fix "this" or change "that".

I am here to tell you that you won't find perfection by losing a few pounds, or changing your appearance. You are perfectly beautiful right now.

Let me show you just how stunning you really are!

The Experience

You walk into my home-studio feeling both excited and nervous. There is music playing and a glass of champagne or mimosa is waiting for you. You take a seat as your beauty pro begins to bring out your inner supermodel with professional make-up. Once you are styled and ready to go, you spend the next hour or two feeling gorgeous and sexy in front of the camera. You feel confident and sexy... you never imagined you will feel so good in front of the camera! The time flies by and before you know it, you are walking out the door feeling more confident, beautiful and amazing than you ever thought possible! The gorgeous images you receive later are the icing on the cake, because the real treat was the experience and feeling of doing something to celebrate your beautiful self.


One of the biggest concerns women have about their boudoir session is what to wear. There are no rules about what you can or cannot wear during your session. The most important thing is that what you choose to wear makes you feel beautiful. If you like lingerie, bring it. If you feel great it boy shorts and a tank top, do it! There are no limits! Honestly... the best outfit is a sheet!


Victoria's Secret - www.victoriassecret.com

Adore Me - www.adoreme.com

Forever 21 - www.forever21.com

Yandy - www.yandy.com

Boohoo - www.boohoo.com (bodysuits)


Don't worry! Unless you are a professional model, none of us know how to pose naturally. I help you through each and every pose from your head to your toes. I pose to make you look your absolute best. I down play those areas you don't like so much a play up your assets! We will move through poses that may feel a little odd but they will look amazing!


After your session I go through all the images to find the best of the best. When it comes to editing I prefer a natural edit that keeps you looking like you - no plastic barbie skin here. I remove any distracting elements from the background, get rid of blemishes and smooth out the skin to give you that "glow"

PosingJust the Sheets

I highly recommend Just the sheets to everyone! We can create some shockingly beautiful images with just a sheet!


Q. Where will my session take place?

A. Most clients choose to shoot in my home-studio located in Delaware, OH. However, there is no location that is off limits. Your home, a hotel room or even outdoors are all great ideas. If the location requires a rental fee it is the responsibility of the client to cover the cost.

Q. I am not a lingerie type of girl, is Boudoir still for me?

A. Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look sexy. You can wear a dress, robe, button up shirt or a slouchy top and shorts or just a sheet! If you want a more in-depth wardrobe consultation let me know!

Q. I'm not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself.

A. I completely understand! Doing something for ourselves can feel selfish, but you deserve this! Boudoir photography is a luxury that all women should experience. I also understand the monetary investment is requires. For that reason I offer no interest payment plans to help make it accessible to all budgets.

Q. Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

A. I urge you to come by yourself and enjoy being in the moment.

Q. Can I just purchase digital images?

A. Yes! I have an all digital package available!



A $200 non-refundable session fee is required at the time of booking. The final cost of your package is due at the time of the decision. Here is the link to the packages available.


Relax and enjoy your session!


You have the choice to see your images approximately 1 hour after your shoot or you can come back at a later date to see your images and place your order.

After Your Session


I never share client images unless you give me permission. If you choose to let me share your images on social media so that other women can see how amazing the experience is, then thank you. If you would prefer to keep them private that is perfectly ok as well. Whatever you choose is completely up to you and I promise to respect your wishes.


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Ready to unleash the Beauty in you?

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