Rome Pic Collage Allie Moore

The Tiber River


  • The Tiber river gave the Romanians a good and strong water source that ran through Rome
  • the Tiber river also led them and gave them a way into the Meditteranean sea
  • Gave the Romans food and fish and a source of food
  • made it easier for the Romans to trade


  • it is harder for the romans to travel across the river
  • it was an easy way for invaders to approach rome


  • the plains are flat which is good for building homes
  • the plains provide fertile soil
  • gave people good land to settle on


  • the flat plains can have a high risk of flooding
  • they don't have mountains to protect them


  • They are elevated which can it easier to see across town, and possibly see invaders coming
  • they provide protection, like mountains and can be steep to climb


  • there is a higher chance of your house going through a landslide
Alps Mountains


  • provides protection
  • some passes allow you to go through


  • segregate Rome from other cities which can hurt trade for Rome

They are rigid and hard to climb


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