My Solar System: THE STARLING By: abdiel rios gutierrez.

The name is frozen and in the middle have ice and it is ice and this planet is very cold and this planet have 5 moon's ther name is ganimede, callisto, tetix, mimas and feber and in the arm is the rockOn this planet there is no life..
this planet her names is som and hid this planets it is the gas and water this planet have 2 moons the name of this moon's is titania and titan and the middle have water In these planets there is no life..
This planet her name is blue and this planet is the diamant and is very cold and the middle is diamant and this planet have 1 moon ther name is Europa and in this planet there is no life .
This is my Sun and this is one star of gas very hot is more bigger that the other stars and was formed about 5.000 billions years ago and 432,287 mi radius of my sun .
This planet is of water and is very cold the name is triton and in the middle have water and this planet have 2 moon's thes name its styx and hydra in this planet there is no life.
This planet is of gas and ice is hot and the name is xenon and in the middle have icy this planet have 3 moon's the name of this moon's its nix, kerberos and charon and in this planet there is no life.
In my solar system there are more than 100,000 stars and in them there is a brightness that comes out on the litmus nights and is young.
in my solar system have 5 comets.
in my solar system have 9 asteroids.

This is my belt of shooting stars and this sinturon is in the middle of my middle solar system of triton and xenon..

Thank you this is my solar system.


Created with images by Pexels - "cosmos night sky" • kokogiak - "Saturn" • UKT2 - "space planets stars" • European Southern Observatory - "Artist’s impression of the free-floating planet CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9" • mikegi - "background all flash" • WikiImages - "neptune planet solar system" • bykst - "planet moon space" • skeeze - "globular cluster stars messier 92" • jojo nicdao - "comet.jpg" • DasWortgewand - "asteroid meteorite impact" • Aymanjed - "sky stars space"

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