Intro to Art Portfolio By: Hailee Placzek

I took Intro to art because I felt like I needed to improve my art skills. I wasn't so great at art in middle school, but I know I had improved a lot since then. I was expecting to learn the good techniques of drawing.

The most drawing strategy I learned from was the Lights and Shadows. I said Lights and Shadows because I didn't know there were many different types of shadows and lights. Throughout the projects and drawing I have learned what they are and how they are used.

I felt like I have improved so much this semester, there is still another semester to even do better in. From the very first day of Art Class I was drawing like a 1st grader but now I have reached a point where I'm drawing like a high schooler. By the end of the end I hope to be drawing out of this world. The First picture is the very first time I drew myself in the beninning of the year, and it slowly gets better. The second to last picture and the very last picture are pictures showing lights and shadows. The 3rd picture is the first time I used charcoal and it was not so good but the second time I used charcoal(last picutre) came out looking super great!! Using great proportions and great every single curve or wrinkle on your face, should come out looking like you.

This picture is representing chiaroscuro because of the shadows used to make the objects look like there under a light and using relflections. Chiaroscuro is the use of light and dark to create a illusion.

I improved the most on knowing where exactly everything on your face and how to draw yourself looking in a mirror. It helped drawing myself over and over again because to know exactly how to do it. The first picture is the first drawing i drew of myself. Your eyes are exactly in the middle of your face between the top of your forehead and the bottom of your chin. Your eyes aren't shaped like footballs. Every eye is different on every face. The last picture is the picture I drew of myself. The most improvement I had was using the right proportions and drawing my eyes. My eyes are really big difference because there not shaped like footballs and I dont have that many eyelashes in real life.

The project I wish I had more time on was the crosshatching. I wished I would have fit 2 whole objects on the paper instead of 1 & 1/2 . I really liked this project but like I said I wished I had more time to draw. I also really liked drawing with shapie because if you mess up you can't go back and erase it, you just have to work around it and fix it.

I have seen the most improvement in attitude, and using exact proportions. I have seen improvement in color blending because you c an tell that I have improved throughout my drawing and painting. For the last color blending project we did, I really liked it you could blend the primary colors and get any color.

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