First impressions are everything

Create a website that makes an unforgettable first impression

Select the right type of website for your organization.

  • Landing Page
  • Minimal, simple site (5 pages or less)
  • Full website, with or without online donation capabilities


  • Secure
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Current
  • Free of spelling/grammar mistakes

Feature compelling content that makes readers want to take action.

The secret to writing effective content is...

1. Understanding who your audience is, what matters to them, and what ticks them off.

2. Writing for one audience at a time, using defined personas and segmented strategies.

Include visual appeal that tells your story.

According to HubSpot, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so weaving graphics into your story makes it much more compelling and engaging.

* Photos and videos of those impacted by your mission

* Infographics relaying statistics about your cause

* Blogs, vlogs or testimonials from fundraisers, staff, or volunteers

Make your website home base for everything else.

  • Drive your social media traffic to your website for more in-depth information
  • House as many forms as you can online
  • Bring offline events online -- from registration to follow-up and everything in between
  • Save your board and your staff time by moving all board-related items online
  • Integrate third-party apps


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