Utahpia Service with a smile, makes it all worth while

Uthapia's mission/vision is to make this world a better place. The world can be very dark and scary, but Uthapia isn't. It's bright and happy.

The rules are

1. No drugs, alcohol, or smoking. These are really bad and harmful in our lives. So without them, everyone is safe, and have found true happiness in their lives.

2. No swearing. Swearing is mean, and some people don't like it. When you swear, it hurts the people around or swore to, but it also hurts yourself.

3. No same sex marriage. It's just weird. You won't have a complete family if you do it. We want a marriage of man and women.

4. Dress appropriately. People judge you by how you dress sometimes. By the way you dress, people might guess your attitude/who you are. It's good to dress appropriately, it also looks way nicer when you are modest. Cause modest is hottest

5. Do service/help others. Doing service makes you so happy, and a better person. Its great and a fun thing to do, especially with a smile. You never get tired of helping others

6. Always try to be happy. Being happy is the best! Especially when it is true happiness. People love and want to be around those who are happy.

7. Be kind. Kindness it the best thing ever! Nothing could ever beat it. People want to be around those who are kind and caring. They also look up to those who are kind, and caring. Use kind language and behavior.

8. Smile. Those lips on your face are used for smiling. Smiling helps show who you are. So turn that frown, upside down, because smiling help makes peoples day.

9. Do your best. We only ever want people to do their best. If you try hard, and give it your all, that's all that really matters.

10. Be you. Be the real you. Don't change to fit in. People like you for you. We only ever want you to be you. And if you don't know who you are, then be a hero! "You don't need a cape to be a hero, you just need to care"(kid president).

Utahpia, as you might have guessed is located in Utah. Its in Utah, because I love Utah, and it is already a great place, so lets make it even better.

Daily schedule

9:00- most should be up by then, eating/eaten breakfast, at school or work.

10-12:00- school and/or work, and lunch (stay at home parents and kids/baby's not included)

1-2:00- Work and school

3-9:00- Homework, chores, free time, get home from work, eat dinner, do service project/ help others, visit someone in need or lonely or for fun, family time

10-11:00- should be or start getting in bed.

The government for Utahpia is a state. The state has their own government, but they are lead by one big government which is the country. But it is mostly the state.

In Utahpia, we care about not just ourselves, but others too. We want everyone to be happy, especially have true happiness. In Uthapia, we like you for you. We want you to do your best, and try hard. We won't judge you if you make mistakes, cause we all do. We will help each other to do better. We want each everyone to serve one another, and to be everyday heroes, which you already are. We just help you realize it. We strive to make the world a better place.

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