Walt Disney animator

Young Walt

Walt Disney was a curious kid. He loved to draw, sadly his parents did not have enough money to get him the proper materials to draw with. They also didn't want him to draw. They thought that he should live his life full of hard work and endless studying, not drawing. Walt could not fight the urge to draw was so eager to draw he started to draw on things like scrap wood and toilet paper. Once he was so eager to draw he drew on a small tool shack with a fresh tar that his dad was using to fix the roof. Obviously this lead to strict punishment. His dad would beat him with a long skinny stick on his arm, legs and bottom.

Walt's Accomplishments

Walt Disney's main accomplishments were making the world famous Disney World, inventing one of the most iconic animation characters, Mickey Mouse, and of course starting a multi-billion dollar company, Walt Disney Studios, located in Burbank California.

Walt's Goals

One of Walt Disney's goals is to have the best quality for all of his animations. He successfully fulfilled this goal by spending lots of time and money into all of his animations. Lead in him being heavily in debt but Disney wanted to continue improving his animations and expanding his company. Soon his obsession with animation quality payed off, his animation became known for their quality and his films were bought a lot.

Walt's Influence

Walt Disney's influence has been widespread This is because he had the courage and talent to tackle and quickly master almost everything in the entertainment industry. He introduced quality color and sound to animations.

My Opinion on Walt Disney's life and acomplishments

My opinion on Walt Disney's life is that he had a great life filled with hard work paying off although there were many up hills along the way such as debt And selling the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon (1927), He also had some down hills. Such as, making his first $250,000 from his Alice in Wonderland cartoons (1923) and officially opening Disney World (1971).

Walt, Brave, courageous, Kind, Humorous. Father of Lillian sibling of Roy. Who loved drawing, animating, and film producing. Who hated being scammed, loved to make people happy, and expanding his company. who feared death, and running out of ideas. who created a golden age from using sound and color all together in a cartoon. who wanted to see imagination, good quality, and progress. Born in Chicago lived in Burbank California. Disney.

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