Signs of Spring Looking for green at 40 degrees

What month is it?

It’s been a rough spring. Or, rather, it’s felt almost as if we aren’t even in spring! March was nothing but a series of nor’easters, duming snow after snow after snow, and temperatures have not stabilized in a milder range. But still nature trudges on, and I’m beginning to see signs spring has sprung.

New life

Despite the temperatures, buds are emerging on the trees. the rustle of leaves will heard soon enough.

Lawn Decor

After Christmas lawn decorations hit a low ebb, but as daylight begins to extend ornaments beging to emerge once more. This decorative birdhouse is one such recent addition to a local property.

Oh The Toys

Evidence children are outside and playing is a sure sign of spring!

Allergy Factory

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies can appreciate the beauty of sights like this, even as they scratch their eyeballs out of their skulls. I’m not upset with allergies this year, as long as the snow goes away.

Color Emerges

The first color of the new year. These begin appearing in February, but the gain steam in March and early April. Their color is a welcome contrast to the dull winter hues of the grass and barren trees.

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