Why We Should Get A Pig A Girls Best Friend

Mom + Dad how can you resist these faces? Welcome to my Adobe Spark Page about why we should get a pet pig

Pigs are all around great and awesome pets! They are clean, enjoy walks, have a low budget food diet, and they are just adorable! Now please read on and enjoy my Adobe Spark about why we should get a pig.

CLEAN- Pigs have a very clean habit of doing their "business" in the same place and they are easily litter box trained. Pigs also enjoy water and baths. That means they are easily cleaned.

SWEAT- Since pigs do not sweat you can very easily help them . By sunscreen, the basic, mud, and a kitty pool.

WALKS- A pig loves to walk, not only that they can easily be taken by car and are easily harness trained. This is great because I will take my pig for walks and that will also make anyone else walk Theo and Finn. That will then reduce the amount of hyperness and bathroom problems. BOOM

FOOD- Many people think pigs are slops but they are WRONG. Pigs live off of a healthy diet of veggies, Grains, and occasional fruit. YOUR PIG IS NOT A GARBAGE DISPOSAL!

CAUSE- My pig won't only be a pet a help for a cause, having a pet pig will rescue him/her from arriving on someone else's dinner plate.

LIVE- My pig will live mostly in my room. But will also be with the dogs. His/her Litter box will be downstairs and under my desk crafting area. I will fully train this pig and prove to you that we do have room and that I am responsible enough for a pet pig :)

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! picture credits below


Created with images by NOIREbLANC-PHOTOGRAPHY - "nature animal pig" • Alexas_Fotos - "piglet wildpark poing baby" • Elcholito - "pig piglet farm" • USDAgov - "k7623-1" • Alexas_Fotos - "piglet mirroring water" • Alexas_Fotos - "piglet mirroring water" • Atarythm - "piglet pig sleeping"

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