Jean Fouquet By: mackenzie maceachern

Jean Fouquet was born in 1420 in Tours, France and died in 1481 in Tours, France. He spend most of his life in Tours but traveled around to do paintings and work. He had a priest for a father and an unmarried mother, he rose to be well known in his 20's.

Jean got his training and education from a Bedford Master in Paris as a manuscript illuminator. He was a painter and did mostly portraits, some of his paintings were the French King Charles VII and the Rome Pope Eugenius IV. Those were portraits. Also his most famous painting is the portrait of Etienne Chevalier and Saint Stephen. He produced a miniature self-portrait in gold and silver which he was the inventor for miniature portraits. Jeans patron was the French King Charles VII. Two renaissance ideals that were linked the best to Jean was humanism and classicism. Humanism because he was most famous from doing portraits of people and classicism because his father was a priest so he grew up with the religion being a big factor in is life.

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The name of the painting above is part of the Melun Diptych, Etienne Chevalier and Saint Stephen. It was created in 1454 and can be found in the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame. In this piece it was made up of wood and oil. It’s style was Northern Renaissance. It is a painting of two men which one is sitting praying and the other is standing with a book and a stone on top. The one that is not prayer looks like a priest and has his hand on top of the man who is sitting shoulder. They are both looking at something with little emotion. Also I looked closer and on the back of the priest head it is dripping with blood in the back. This painting is linked to classicism because it has a man hands together as a gesture of praying also the other man looks like a priest. I find this painting interesting because I looked closer and on the back of the priest head and it is dripping in blood. He has no emotion and has his hand still on the other guy that is praying. Also Jean never signed his work.

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