Touching spirit bear written by Jonathan Conklin

A kid name Cole at the beginning of the book was a kid that always got trust by scaring people to only know that he could trust him. Cole spent most of his time in prison because he always gets himself in trouble. One time Cole robbed a store and trashed it in the process of robbing the store no one found out who it was that robbed the store until Cole bragged that he robbed the store, a kid named Peter who is a ninth grader that Cole had picked on for a long time, and when he told on Cole after he told on Cole he then bate Peter up and bashed his face into the sidewalk. Peter had to go to the hospital and has trouble walking. Cole later went to a thing called circle of justice, a police officer named Mr. Garvey told everyone at the circle of justice about the island and then everyone chose to have Cole to go to the island. After Cole left the circle of justice he later had to go and he had two guards named Garvey and Edwin transport him. Once they got to the island and unpacked the supplies Edwin told Cole "This island is covered with Devil's club. Don't grab it or hundreds or tiny thistles will infect your hands and make them swell up like sausages." Edwin also said "you aren't the only creature here. You're part of a much bigger circle. Learn your place or you'll have a rough time." When the guards left Cole waited for a while and then later burnt down a cabin he was supposed to be staying in and he also tried to burn a blanket called a At.woo. Cole spotted a bear called a spirit bear, Cole attacked the bear and it almost killed Cole but it didn't. Cole broke his right arm and cut his stomach really bad. Edwin went to visit Cole on the island and saw Cole beat up and asleep, so he rushed Cole to the hospital for a month, Cole healed up a little bit when he left the hospital he heard that he had to go back to the Island. This time he was there for almost more than a year. Edwin went to the island and told Cole that Peter tried to commit suicide but didn't die and so Cole told Edwin that Peter go to the island. Tords the end of the book Peter bate Cole up and wanted Cole to fight back but he didn't and that made Peter made and beat him up more and more later they made up and became friends.

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