Tattoos on the Heart Ellie Korensky

CHAPTER 3: In this chapter Father G tells many stories focusing on God's unending love and compassion he gives to us all. He speaks of homies who went through many obstacles and were shown love, kindness, and compassion from another. This is why the theme of compassion fits perfectly. One story that stuck out to me was about a man named Denis. Denis was a mechanic, but he always kept to himself until Father asked him to teach young Anthony everything he knew. A few weeks later Anthony could fix any car handed to him, this was all because Denis showed compassion towards him and treated him as one of his own.

CHAPTER 5: The theme of this chapter is slow work. I think this title fits well because all the stories in the chapter talk about homies who wanted to make a change in their life, but it took them a while to actually make that change. It also focuses on taking our time with God and being patient with his plan for us. For example, Joey did not want to be the Chucky Cheese rat, but he wanted to be a working man when his son was born so he was patient with this plan and took the job anyways. Many times I find myself doing this same thing;I have a desire to become better at something,like prayer, but I do not put the effort in accomplish this. This is why I could relate to this chapter so well.
CHAPTER 7: This chapter is all about gladness. it is full of stories that end with someone being glad and happy with the choices they've made and how far they've come. I can relate to this theme because I too have had a time in my life where I looked back and was proud of what I had accomplished. The story that I connected to most was about two brothers named Adam and Ricky. These boys went flying with Father G and they were very frightened, but they got through it together and realized how blessed they were to have each other. This reminded me of how glad I am to have a loving family.

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