The Harvard Smoothie The Drink That Makes Your Brain Dance

The Harvard smoothie is a smoothie that heightens your brains cerebrum to make you smarter. Now your IQ will be off the charts. If you drink this smoothie side effects may include:

•starting wear nerdy glasses

•once and awhile having to write down complicated equations


If you are 90 or older you should not drink the Harvard smoothie. If you are 90 or older the smoothie will not make you smarter. If the Harvard smoothie does not work then it is not right for you. The Harvard smoothie is not responsible if you become dumber.

This smart smoothie comes in four flavors: blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, mango and more. They also come in three different sizes and prices: small is 4.99, medium is 6.99, and large is 8.99. According to customers, they usually use it during a test. The Harvard smoothie is only supposed to be used as a smart smoothie. Please drink responsibly.

Our website is contact us at and at 1smooothie. If you are hurt by the smoothie please call the complaint office at itisaprank

Created By
Nico Farish

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