Large Seafaring Mammal A white paper for people who need white papers for a T-Shirt company. A little elitest don’t you think? Whatever let's get on with it.


This has nothing to do with the company. Since you are wasting your time on a T-Shirt White Paper I may as well leave you with one piece of advice. NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS.

A word from Bruce

When I started in the world of internet money some time ago, I realized it was bigger than speculation. It was a movement that took over everything around me. Still relatively young, there were fewer outlets to get involved in. Everything was much rougher around the edges, so expressing yourself in the space was difficult.

Fast forward 6 weeks and here we are.


In all seriousness, I am building this brand for you. Everything from the designs, to the packaging we use is done with you in mind. I want nothing more than to build a community where we can share our love of the space in something that doesn’t come straight from your Dad's joke T-Shirt closet. Although I birthed the idea with this in mind- LSM is so much more now. It’s unapologetic, meme lordy, and impactful. LSM is Crypto.

You will get the best out of us because it's the only possible way to stop Thanos. We will respond to every tweet, telegram, reddit comment to help shape a brand that you are proud to wear.

I got loyalty I got royalty inside my DNA


Bruce Wasicsko

Founder of Large Seafaring Mammal

What the F*ck is LSM

What are we solving?

The T-Shirt industry is hitting the ground running with the Crypto craze, everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. The main issue is- they want their piece of the pie without trying very hard. Cheap materials, copycat designs, and HODL memes are the bread and butter of the marketplace. It's bandwagon bro's trying to make a quick buck without understanding what the space really wants. Let's put a sh*t cherry on top, no one is trying to materially move the space forward by using streetwear as the vehicle.

We want to change this.

Through tokenized democracy, the EOS blockchain, and 75 cans of Monster Energy we are proud to bring you Large Seafaring Mammal.

We pump out high quality, small quantity batches of streetwear for the Crypto enthusiast.

Okay cool, is that all?

Wow Adobe Stock Unimpressed Guy, don’t cut us off during our white paper. Moving on.

We make sure the community shapes the brand via voting on the EOS blockchain. Tokenized voting allows you to cast your vote on which designs to make next, which community entrees should profit share, and how we spend our profits. When you help us make these decisions as a collective, we reward you with dope exclusives.

TL:DR Large Seafaring Mammal is a streetwear brand that allows it’s community to vote on designs, make governance decisions, and get rewarded for it.



High Quality T-Shirts that you can rock to the next crypto convention or with your VaporMax Off-White's. We want you to rep your passion without your shirt screaming “I LIKE CRYPTO SOMEONE BEAT ME UP FOR MY PRIVATE KEYS.” We are the lifestyle brand for the community- LSM is crypto.


The keystone of our brand. We lean on the community to inform our direction. We put the power in your hands to build the brand that represents to cryptocurrency movement.

Constantly connecting with folks via all social media channels- we pride ourselves on being in tune with your sentiments and ideas for the space.


When you purchase from Large Seafaring Mammal, you automatically join our token ecosystem. Through Proof of Whale [POWhale] you contribute to our community voting model, getting rewarded with LSM Tokens for participating.


LSM pledges a portion of profits to the EOS ecosystem as well as charitable organizations! Transparently maintained on the blockchain.


How the LSM Ecosystem Works

Strap in cause I am going to drop some space age sh*t on you.

There’s no ICO, there never will be. You get your tokens by participating in the community. We reserve the right to airdrop tokens for bounties, contests, etc but will never ask for payment for POWhale or LSM tokens.

Great, now that the Lambo-boyz have stopped reading. We can continue.

Its breaks down to a pretty simple ecosystem- check out the video my fingers hurt.

Proof of Whale

Voting and Governance Token

  • Token Supply: 1,000,000 POWhale
  • Platform: EOS
  • Distribution: Purchase of LSM Goods

Proof of Whale is the backbone of LSM governance. The token will be deposited directly into your EOS wallet after buying anything from Large Seafaring Mammal. It is used to vote via the EOS blockchain. This allows incorruptible voting, important to us as our model is to profit share with community artists, fund EOS projects, and support charitable organizations.

If tokens go unclaimed after purchase, user doesn't put in EOS address at checkout or claims post checkout, they will be moved into a lottery distribution pool. This can be used for contests, and giveaways.

While this coin holds value to the community, there are currently no plans to put POWhale on exchanges for trading. We feel it will damage participation.

LSM Token

Reward Token

  • Token Supply: 1,000,000
  • Platform: EOS
  • Token Distribution: User Vote Cast

To incentivize participation in voting, we present the LSM token reward. LSM Tokens are distributed whenever the user casts a vote or submits a proposal. These tokens can be used to get extremely limited, exclusive items from the LSM brand. It's your golden ticket to the stuff the public can't access.

Theme Voting, Community Designs, Initial Shirt Offering

Theme Voting

Every month LSM Core [heh] will present options for the next months theme. Users can vote on the options via their EOS wallet. The Initial Shirt Offering [see what we are doing here?] will kick off the distribution of POWhale to jumpstart voting. Each theme will bring a few new designs to the LSM brand and one extra community voted design. That's X designs if you are Alan Turing.

Community Created Designs

Each Theme Season will contain a design made by a community member. The design options will be curated based on a basic set of criteria and presented to the community for voting. Users can cast votes using POWhale. The winner will earn a percentage share of the profits for the length of the design run.

Work Proposals

Want to do something dope on-brand? A video game, comic book, an LSM piñata? Let us know by submitting a work proposal via POWhale. The core team will make sure it won't land us in jail and then the community can decide whether it's a good idea or not!

Sponsored Designs

Do you have a hot new project that is ready to take over the crypto space? Well established and want to increase your community footprint? Contact us for collaborations!

Why Eos? It's high speed, low latency, and free of transaction fees. Fee-less participation was a major key in creating a low barrier of entry for the community.


Meet the Team

Left to Right: Phillip White, Bruce Wasicsko, Dave Williams

Three dudes and an entire crypto community is all it takes to build a T-Shirt brand. Learn more about us by talking to us directly. You can find us in your favorite crypto reddit, on telegram, twitter, friggin Pinterest whatever.

Created By
Bruce Wasicsko


Created with images by michaelheim - "Businessman pulling disdainful face" • Kaarle - "Streetwear - fluorescent Neon Sign on brickwall Front view" • duncanandison - "Hanging lightbulb with glowing Community concept." • Denys Rudyi - "Big data blockchain concept" • Chris Titze Imaging - "FUNDING -Realistic Neon Sign on Brick Wall background - 3D rendered royalty free stock image. Can be used for online banner ads and direct mailers.." • Myst - "finger pressing computer key with eos coin logo. crypto mining concept"

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