Fullerton Fact The Day It Rained Candy By sarah martelL

The Day It Rained Candy

There are many things to say about Fullerton. The Day It Rained Candy, The Cow Tower, The Jacaranda Tree, The Sunkist Lady, Ostriches, The Gabrielinos, The ice man, The city of Education, and much much more.

Today, I'm going to be talking about The Day It Rained Candy. On The Day It Rained Candy they drove an old fashioned airplane. Then, they dropped candy. So when the kids tasted the candy they might've liked it and maybe some day they would go to the store and see it so they could buy it. I couldn't have imagined the kids everywhere, picking up candy, and getting hit in the head.

It was one very smart idea to get people buying their candy. In my opinion I would love to have the Day It Rained Candy again. I think it was very smart.

May, 1, 2017 Sarah#13

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