Medical Illustration Careers in Media Arts

Medical Illustrations
"A medical illustrator is a professional artist with SPECIALISED training and advanced education in medicine, science, art, design, visual technology, media techniques, and in theories related to communication and learning."

Medical Illustrators create medically and scientifically accurate artworks.

Their forms of medical art include:

  • scientific illustrations
  • multimedia interface designs
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • storyboards for medical and health professionals,researchers, advertising agencies,pharmaceutical companies,personal injury lawyers, and the general public

Medical Illustration is a collaborative career during the research stage of projects. Illustrators work with scientists, physicians, and other medical specialists to translate biological information into visual displays. These displays are then used to aid in education, patient care, research, and marketing objectives.

They usually work independently on the making of the projects.

Education Needed for Medical Illustration

  • 4-year B.Sc
  • 2-year professional graduate degree at an accredited graduate program

Skills Needed for Medical Illustartion

  • advanced drawing, painting and sculpture techniques in tangible media
  • functional concepts and techniques involved in the production of commercial and graphic art
  • up-to-date computer graphic skills in still and motion media
  • strong foundations in general, biological and medical science


  • median salary ranges from $62,000-$100,000
  • for supervisory and creative director positions, median salary of $85,000-$175,000

Where do they work?

  • University, academic medical centerUniversity, academic medical center
  • Hospital, clinic, or healthcare institution
  • Research center
  • Publishing company (books or journals)
  • Corporation, small business
  • Medical legal or law firm
  • Web, multimedia, or animation firm
  • Veterinary school
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Advertising agency
  • Other (government, non-profits)

Is This a Career I'd Be Interested In?

I do enjoy learning about human biology and making art but I do not think I could work with bodies and I lack the traditional art skills required for this career.


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