The Seasons of Change My business evolution

Just 5 years ago I was filling out paperwork to become an LLC. That moment was frightening but ever so empowering. The federal and state websites to apply for a business license and a tax ID number were easy to navigate and decipher, but the thought of managing a business and being solely responsible for clients and quality created a lot of anxiety those first few months of my journey.

The journey continues...

Running a successful business means being highly organized, responsible, dependable, personable and above all, ethical! I had to challenge myself at the onset of managing my photography business to be sure I was up to task.

Could I meet deadlines and commitments?

Did I have the stamina and determination to work long hours?

Find the light...

There were a lot of questions I needed answered so I looked to other established professionals for business advice and legal information. I did my homework. I spent countless hours scouring the web for specific details about each segment of my business venture. The list of topics seemed to grow every day.

  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Township codes and requirements
  • Legal coverage
  • Liabilities
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Clients
  • Vendors

In addition to all the legal and professional stuff associated with starting a small business, I also needed to hone my photography skills to be sure I produced top-quality prints for my clients and associates.

Courtney: a stunning and dramatic black and white portrait

Hours upon hours I sat in my office with my Canon 6D digital camera in-hand fine tuning every setting inside the menu screens. I would pull up a You Tube video on every aspect of that camera and learn what each function and setting did. I wasn’t going to be a point and shoot and “spray and pray” kind of photographer. I had to know the details!

Exposure | Lighting | Composition | Editing | Printing | Delivery


Over the past 5 years, not only have I improved dramatically as a business owner, but I have found my niche and style: I LOVE senior portrait sessions and I want to build my entire business around just that segment of this crazy big photography world we live in.

I become so energized and excited to meet a new high school senior client and his or her family. I can always sense the anxiety and the overwhelming emotions that each family brings with them to the session. Mom usually gives me the warning that she will likely cry during the photography session. Little sisters and grandmas are there to help with the flyaway hairs and bunched up sweaters. I always look forward to the moment when mom licks her own finger to wipe away a small speck of mascara from her daughter’s eye. I could never grow tired of this emotional bond but yet humorous gesture! Ever.

I’m not setting aside all other genres of photography by any means as my business evolves. I still plan to photograph a newborn baby at times and discover unique locations with newly engaged couples. But the very heart of my business will be devoted to all the high school students out there who expect a fun, trendy, professional and creative portrait session that captures them perfectly.

Letting my sunshine in

I will be updating my website and other social media sites over these winter months to reflect some of the changes my business will be making for the 2019 season. More time will be devoted to each client - a more personalized and professional experience. I’m stepping up my game and offering so much more!

All of this comes at a time when so many new photographers are popping up out of nowhere. I used to fret and worry about the competition. And I used to judge them based solely on my own fears. But I soon learned I control my own business and how I evolve and prosper. And being judgmental towards anyone was not going to be part of my world. I had to change if I was ever to become a better person and better business owner. There’s a small piece of me that will always check out my competition- that’s just a normal human desire. But, overall, I am very comfortable being who I am both as a woman and a photographer.

Life is good!

I hope to meet so many new beautiful faces along my journey as a senior photographer. And I know I will continue to evolve both professionally and spiritually! Photography does that for me. It is the part of me that channels my most deepest thoughts. Photography exposes my mind’s eye and how I see and understand other people. I want my art (through images) to show my creativity, thoughtfulness, respect and professionalism every time I click that shutter button.

I ask that each of you (who support and care about me and my photography business) to please share my business information with others to help me build a more successful small business. Word of mouth and a kind word can make a huge impact on a local merchant competing with much larger and more established companies. And I plan to reach out to other local businesses and build a vendor network that will showcase a collective creativity.

Thank you for always supporting my endeavors and encouraging me to evolve!

It’s a season of change....are you ready?

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Donna Weckerly

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