I Wouldn't exactly call it new anymore, but the concept and quality of VR is indeed evolving with a low being the Google Cardboard, which you hook up to your phone. while a high would be the HTC Vive with high quality to match its high price ._. Anyways, hand in hand the concept of virtual reality and VR headsets, there is another innovative technology less explored, this is the option to interact in the VR world without a controller. But instead with running, jumping, hand motions, and the sort.

Google Cardboard
HTC Vive
Dexta VR Hand
Virtuix Running Treadmill thing._.

Positives and Negatives: As an avid player of video games, I think if made more accessible VR will blow up. an example would be a series called SAO which originally sparked my interest in the subject, this series features a sort of VR headset called nerve gear which transfers all of ones senses into a vast beautiful land. in this new world you fight monsters and level up with a bunch of other passionate players, the ultimate gaming experience if you will. (If you die in the game you die in real life, but lets forget that for now). Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that seeing these evolutions in real life get me anxious, cause it feels as if we are getting one step closer to that type of gaming and i would love it!

Now for the negatives, as we stand right now video games can be very addictive. And with VR I feel as if society will take it too far, and become no lifes who completely ignore society and stay home all the time with no exceptions as long as they progress in the game ._. but i don't know id still have fun!


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