STEM Mission Fresco Rocket PROject: Mcdermott, Vernon, Stiff, Dao

Identifying the Problem/Hook: The year is now 2050. Carbon dioxide levels have reached an all time high to a point where it is getting hard to breathe. There is a thick visible of carbon dioxide. You are no longer able to see the sun; you cannot tell whether it is day or night. Our current government is still reeling from the dismantlement of the EPA since in 2017, funding was cut by 31%. Life as you know it has changed. Human morale is down and people are dying of starvation because of all Earth's resources have been depleted. Social classes have been eradicated. The struggle is real. We need to build a rocket in order for us to establish civilization on the new planet El Fresco found in 2040. Studies have shown that if your rocket is able to reach at least 1 meter, then you will be able to safely exit our atmosphere in order to reach Planet El Fresco.

Part 1: (Science) Brainstorm: Technical Drawings in Engineering Design using materials given. Materials: Film Canister, Alkaseltzer tablets (x amount), Small Cups, Water, Meter Stick, Loose Change, Tape; Design on TinkerCAD

Part 2: (Science/Math ) Design, Builld, Test & Evaluate, Redesign: What variables did you manipulate? Data Collection: Starting Height, Vertex, Total Flight Time, Distance from Launch to Landing.

Part 3: (Math) Analyze Data (Individual) What type of function did the rocket launch model? Prove it. What information do we have? What information do we need to know? Application of vocabulary. (Extensions as necessary, modeling Vertex form on desmos, testing h(t)=-16t^2+Vot+hot, calculating initial velocity given time, Trigonometry,

Part 4: Compare results with groups (Science/Math) Build conclusions based on their data. Comparative data analysis; Conclusions to draw in math: How does the shape of your parabola compare to the shape of the parabolas of your peers?

Part 5:Presentation on Adobe Spark

Part 6: Build your model rocket and launch


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