AAD FALL 2018 | SPRING 2019

Projects are complete, classes are over, finals are done and sketchbooks are ready to be picked up. An entire academic year on mountaintop is behind us. Take a look back at our year in Building C.


Class of 2019

Keep in touch.

In the summer of 2018, Building C was preparing for the arrival of students for fall. Getting the highbays and labs ready for class.

Setting up B005 - PC Lab
C1 before the partitions. We've had a few machines stopping by the highbays this year.
in C3
and in C1
Shiny new labs for classes in C2.
Ready for the students. Thank you to all those who helped prepare the labs and install the computers.
First day in Drawing I studio Fall 2018.
Students get a tour in fall of the building on syllabus day in Professor Lusch's Graphic Design I class....
in Professor Traver's ART 3 afternoon studio...
and in Professor Forsyth ART 4 studio.



From the foundation classes of ART 3 & 4, all the way to Honors 389 and everything in between, the ART in AAD was busy creating this spring. Here are just a few. Continue scrolling to view Architecture and Design's busy year too!

ART 3 final reviews

IN THE WOODSHOP | In order for students to complete much of their coursework, they must be trained to use the woodshop safely . All students wishing to use the shop must go through the Design Labs certification process.

Instruction by Professor Forsyth in the woodshop here
and here with Mike. A fully outfitted furniture shop, students and faculty can create exquisite works of art or fully functional prototypes.
ART 4 final reviews in Professor Forsyth’s studio.
Placing them all on the table.

And in Professor Viscardi's ART 4 studio a portrait comprised of individual blocks independently made of varying sizes of nails and then pieced together...

before the installation.

Winnie and Thomas presented their capstone and honors work in May. Yunyun ( Winnie) Gu '19, an ART and ARCHITECTURE double major was the recipient of two awards at the Student Life Leadership Award ceremony. The James J Duane III student life leadership award and the Deborah Pearsall Prize.

Congratulations also go to Grace Kim - Major | Design and Sara Fuertes - Minor | Graphic Design who also received the James J Duane III student life leadership award for 2019.

Final review in Drawing I
Sculpture I studio
and critique
Successful Figure studio final reviews require quality feedback. Food helps. Professor Gans keeps the crowd happy with a filling breakfast.
Professor Crow held ART 220 Modern Art in the LUAG seminar room.
Each ART 220 student was responsible for discussing an artist and their work at the Spring 2019 Open Reception at the Lehigh University Art Gallery in the Siegel Gallery in Iacocca Hall.
Professor Kart | ART 221 Global Contemporary Art.
Professor Kart showed students around the Chelsea Contemporary Art Galleries this Spring on a AAD sponsored bus trip into the city. It's always a great time for a selfie!



Student Work in 2D | 3D | Sculpture | Figure | Photography | Arch History | Painting
Still nostalgic for the black and white vintage floors in Chandler-Ullmann. Visit our Remembering Chandler-Ullmann story in the link above.


Professor Ussler's ARCH 43 final review
Graduating seniors of Architecture provide valuable insight at the final review to architecture majors just starting out.
Models from Professor Nikolov's ARCH TECH II
Final Review for Professor Ussler's ARCH 243
Professor Emeritus Bruce Thomas stops by to give valuable feedback to graduating seniors.
Final reviews can be fun.
Students in ARCH 343 in one of their first critiques of the year.
Professor Viscardi
Professor Viscardi with Sophia Eschenbach-Smith who was one of two Theodore U. Horger '61 Award winners for the 2018-19 academic year. Alexa Nunamaker '20 also received the honor this year.
Taylor Bogaty '19 | Architecture and Graphic Design was one of two recipients of the 2019 Richard Redd Award. John Flory '19 also was awarded this honor.



Student work in Arch Design I, III and IV | Arch Tech II


Typeface anatomy in Graphic Design I
Preparing monograms in C1 highbay.
Plenty of light to work with in C1.
In Digital Textiles students scan items, manipulate in Photoshop and create designs for printing on fabric.
In Digital Textile Design, Professor Chupa instructs students on how to use the quilting machine located in her studio.
Adding finishing touches to final projects in Textile Design.
Final review in Professor Lusch's Web Design II studio.
Shoe review in Product Design II.
Breaking down a shoe to learn...
how to build a new one in Product Design II.
Hold still...picture time.
One of the many examples of student work spaces found throughout Building C. Here furniture design tools cast long shadows from the late afternoon sun in C3.
Final touches being worked on in the woodshop for Professor Forsyth's Furniture Design studio.
Hmmm...what next?
Maybe one more time through.
Professor Forsyth and Furniture Design students visited the Wharton Esherick Museum outside of Phila. To see more of the day, click the link below.

To see more of the day at the museum, click here.

Phia in the wood shop and
a view of her bench built in Furniture Design. Photos taken in the lighting studio are available to all AAD students for the use of documenting student work for portfolio or to complete projects for photography studios. No need to know how to use a camera, studio monitors are there to help during the regular academic year. Contact the AAD department to learn more.
One example of when a student puts it all together. Final project built in the woodshop and using the laser cutter for Graphic Design III Branding Experience.
The requirements of the final project in Graphic Design III was to design an innovative and sustainable package. Here a student separates four boxes of cereal that were initially connected as one. Students developed their designs in the lab and printed their designs using AAD printers located in C1 with the help of work study lab monitors. Students continued to work on assembling their projects in the C1 highbay. And wah-la...ready for the grocery store shelf.
Final presentation in GD III required students to explain how they came about their innovative package design.



Student work in Graphic Design I, II & III | Digital Textile Design | Product Design I & II | Furniture Design

Building C

A burst of morning sun in C3
and late afternoon in C1
Sunrise over Building B in the early spring
and sunset clouds glow in C1.
Stop by and visit!

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