Regan Patterson ray_patt-bard-section 41-journey log 8

Failure in our composition class is a general subject I tend to discuss in my journey logs, however, I'm going to venture off on a [relevant] tangent this time.

Want to know my biggest failure?


Right now I am taking a break from studying for my third accounting exam. As a business major, I am required to take accounting and am currently enrolled in Accounting 2010 which is the primary class for business majors. I can tell you one thing, thank God I don't plan on being an accountant.

My first exam I made a 68%. That's the lowest score I have ever received on an exam since I took the hardest physics class at my high school, and even then it wasn't a D.

So, what did I do?

Honestly, I probably cried.

I also studied my ass off for the next exam. I began studying a week early and had reviewed the unit consistently in the weeks approaching the exam. This next exam was the midterm so it is worth more than the first, giving me a chance for redemption.

nah i got a 78

As I sit here venting about my accounting issues, I realize my midterm score (as shitty as it was at the time) was still better than my first. I did learn from my failure... unfortunately it just wasn't good enough. I can't give up though.

Only uphill from here I hope...wish me luck I'm gonna go back to studying accounting.


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