Making Him Known Southeastern alumni working in the aftermath of hurricane harvey

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Is it possible that a relatively small Christian college in Wendell, North Carolina (6,745 population) could have a significant positive impact for some of the victims of Hurricane Harvey?

Heath & Jamie Ferguson - Jonathan & Ashley McNeese

In spite of the distance and size of our college, we can and we are having an impact through the compassionate and sacrificial efforts of our alumni. Unfortunately, there is no possible way to quantitate financially or spiritually all the good that Southeastern’s mission is doing around the world. However, we can introduce you to these Southeastern alumni who are living out the mission that God instilled in their hearts.

Heath (2000) and Jamie Ferguson moved to the North Houston, Texas area in 2012 to plant a church that would link people to learn and love Jesus and then live Christ’s love outside the church into the community. Hurricane Harvey has given the Fergusons and their church team the opportunity to live their faith outside of the church like never before. In 2015, Woodforest Church added more Southeastern College alumni. Jonathan (2010) and Ashley (2011) McNeese moved to Houston to be the Children’s Pastor at Woodforest Church. Jonathan works bi-vocationally as a Christian school teacher as well as the Children's Pastor.

Pastor Heath has become the point person uniting hundreds of Free Will Baptist Churches across the nation who are sending financial help, laborers, and supplies to the dear people of Houston, Texas. His Woodforest Church and its people are on the front lines serving meals, removing debris, donating supplies and loving people that have been devastated by the loss. Thousands of dollars are flowing into the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund at Woodforest Church and immediately right back out to those that are hurting with zero dollars being removed for administrative fees. Very soon, over $100,000 of goods and services will have been received and distributed under the direction of Woodforest Church. Praise be to God for placing His servants into the harvest!

Zack & Hope Hinson - Jonathan Pinney

Zack (2000) and Hope (2000) Hinson have served with Dr. Curtis Linton in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Cornerstone Free Will Baptist Church in Sperry, Oklahoma since graduating from Southeastern. Zack has been instrumentally involved in his church’s efforts to deliver and serve thousands of meals in Houston. Jonathan Pinney, a Cornerstone Church member, has used his company truck to deliver 48,000 pounds of the church donated food and supplies to those in need. Cornerstone Church has sent several groups of laborers, delivery trucks and trailers full of supplies to the affected area.

While Southeastern Free Will Baptist College takes no credit for the good work our alumni are accomplishing, we look proudly on their efforts. Viewing their coordination in delivering the physical bread and the Bread of Life inspires all of us at Southeastern to unify around our great mission of “Training students for church related ministries.” Our great desire is that God will send us more servants to whom we may stamp with the heart of a servant, burdened to carry the Water of Life and the Bread of Life to those who are so hungry and thirsty of soul.

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