Saturn ILLUSTRATED bY: alexis guerr lopez jason

Saturn is mostly hidrogen and helium.Also Saturn is the least desnse planet in our solar system.
Saturn's ring are made of ice,dust and rocks.Some people say that Saturn use to have water but then evaporated to the sky and formed into ice.
Saturn is the least dense planet in our solar system.Saturn is the six planet from the sun.
Saturn is named after a roman god.Saturn has 62 moons (9 others are still waiting to be named).
It takes 11,000 days to go to Saturn which is also 29 years.Saturns size is 36,184mi and weights 5.683x10^26kg.
Saturn has 7 layers of rings.Saturns lighting storms are 10,000 times stronger then earth.
We have sent a probe to Saturn in July 2004+cassaini spacecraft observation of the rings.
Saturn moon titan is bigger than mercury. Saturn is big enough to hold 760 Earth's
Saturn is roughly 95 times earth mass.Saturn spin's faster then any other planet except Jupiter.
Saturn complete a spin every 10 in a half hours.saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system
Titán is the only moon from Saturn that has a atmosphere. A day on Saturn is 10 hours on earth

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