Jordi Bell Curriculum Vitae

Dear Ginnie

I was excited to read about your advertisement in the Gazette, reading through the application package has further excited me about this position.

As a new Graduate I know I will flourish in a collaborative environment as I work effectively with others, striving for excellence in planning, teaching and assessment, developing respectful relationships.

Over the past five terms I have developed effective teaching skills through working alongside five exemplary teachers in different environments. Through observation, implementation and reflection I have grown my knowledge and skills to be the best teacher I can be. I am committed to continual professional development as I step into my chosen career.

I am passionate about education and children. I enjoy teaching all ages and am open to teaching all in all areas. However I have a love for teaching years 0-3. I feel a great fulfilment in contributing to the progression of this age group. I have a strength in developing strong, open relationships with students taking special interests in their skills and abilities. I am open, honest, fun-loving and professional. This is what drives me to provide my students with authentic, personalised learning across the curriculum. In doing this I exercise my innovation and creative skills.

As a person, I am determined, friendly, respectful, and show integrity; qualities I will bring with me to St Albans School.

A bit about me

My name is Jordi and for my whole life I have wanted to be in a classroom teaching. I am incredibly excited that I have worked for the past four years to make this a reality. I am an avid reader who enjoys immersing myself in the reality of my books. I enjoy doing art and craft projects in my free time. I also enjoy the outdoors and love to go on long walks when I have time to do so. My friends and family are incredibly important to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to help them out in any situation, there are a lot of children within my family and I enjoy taking part in their lives and watching them grow, change and learn. I am eager to learn and want to be in an environment where I can grow my teaching strategies. I am an enthusiastic, passionate, empathetic team-player with a good sense of humour. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University and am about to graduate from the New Zealand Graduate School of Education with a Diploma of Primary Teaching.

My teaching Philosophy


I think that collaboration is important in education because having two or more minds create a classroom community allows students to connect with different personalities. My understanding of collaboration is recognising that a student shouldn’t be the responsibility of only one teacher, but of all teachers. Collaboration in classrooms gives students ownership of their learning. In a collaborative environment students and teachers are more reflective and responsible for their work. My placements have given me the opportunity to experience a lot of different collaborative work spaces. These have ranged from working in hubs with 80 students to a classroom of 56 students, and interchange between classes. These experiences have strengthened my understanding of working as a team, the importance of time management, having good communication with colleagues and students, making sure that all of my planning is of a high quality and meet the needs required of my team. I would like to move forward in my career using all of these qualities and continue to further my understanding of them as I have seen how beneficial they are in a classroom.


Community within schools is important because it takes a village to raise a child. I believe community involvement enhances the opportunity to become a well- rounded person. It is important to show an interest in the development of each child and their family as this helps to build strong learning partnerships with parents and students. My experiences with community involvement include

  • Meet the teacher evenings
  • Whanau Huis at Te Waka Unua School, and Christchurch South Intermediate.
  • Kapa haka performance at the Aurora Centre.
  • Cultural festival.
  • Coaching a rugby team
  • Coaching a netball team

I am also willing to help in other extra curricular activities around the school. I have consciously worked on getting to know the families within the hub at Gilberthorpe School by building relationships with parents, catching up with parents about their children’s progress and any other matters. I have found this very beneficial because it creates open and trusting relationships with parents and aides students learning. In the future I will continue to work hard at creating strong and open relationships with families within the school. I will also continue with my involvement with the wider school community.

Innovation and Creativity

I believe creativity and innovation are important parts of every day learning, it is these two concepts that engage and hook students into their learning. My understanding of being creative and innovative is shaping my teaching around how different children learn and providing children with personalised experiences. I like to see children driving their own learning. I am passionate and enthusiastic about hands on, engaging, fun and personalised learning. Here are a couple of examples of my creativity, during a Science unit where we were looking at chemical reactions we made bath bombs, each student got to keep the bath bombs they made, during this unit I also integrated technology by creating a package for their bath bomb.

During my placement at St Francis of Assisi I held a sculpting club at lunch times with another teacher.

The students made their own characters and a character profile.

Then as a group we made a nativity scene for the Hub, this catered to the special character of the school.

The students later presented the scene to their fellow classmates.

After doing some personal research on play based learning I have learnt that this philosophy helps children to develop confidence and independence, important qualities for children to develop in becoming a well-rounded person. I have found that play based learning is highly engaging and helps children to practice problem solving and planning skills, it helps to increase their concentration. Play based learning allows children to express themselves, be creative and brings happiness. In my research I also found that it helps students to engage with each other, negotiate, sort out their own arguments and established friendships. They can imagine, explore and invent, students can takes risks and discover new ides and put them into action and through this earning takes place. I would love to see children exploring and demonstrating their own intrinsic creativity through play based learning with provocations set out by me as the teacher. I would like to see this kind of learning taken further particularly for the junior children.


When working in my own team as a teacher I will strive to:

  • create a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment
  • encourage students to be reflective in their thoughts and actions
  • provide multiple opportunities for students to learn
  • help students to make connections to prior learning and experiences
  • create learning programs that are integrated into all areas of the curriculum

In doing so I will be the best teacher I can be for both students and colleagues alike.

Using effective pedagogy I have provided engaging literacy learning activities for children. I have done this by

  • Using my own creativity to engage students in authentic writing experiences.
  • Through my knowledge of the progressions of the colour wheel.
  • Teaching phonics through rhythm, rhyme and games.

Through high expectations I have caused learning in mathematics by

  • Clearly stated, consistently applied expectations
  • Providing security for children to take risks in their learning

Through creativity I have provided students with a range of learning experiences in the Arts through

  • Providing students with a safe environment where they can come out of their shell, experiencing a new form of expression.
  • Having students make connections through prior learning and experiences.

I have integrated the digital world into the classroom and I am eager to learn about the ever changing digital world alongside the children.

My Placements and Feildwork

Gilberthorpe School: flexible learning space, years 0-3, 7 week placement

Te Waka Unua School: bilingual unit, years 1-2, 7 week placement

St Francsis of Assisi School: flexible learning space, years 3-4, 6 week placement

Paparoa Street School: collaborative learning practice, years 5-6, 7 week placement

Christchurch South Intermediate: single cell class, year 8, 6 week placement

Breens Intermediate: personalised literacy program for a year 8 student, 10 one hour sessions

Mairehau Primary School: I took a group of five students for maths at stage 5 for 10 one hour sessions

Linwood College: created a personalised literacy and numeracy program for a year 7 student and a year 8 student using pre-assessment and precision teaching strategies.

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