Journey Log 9 jenny contonio - jennyfromtheblock - warrior

Habits of Mind Used: Persistence and Responsibility

Date: 4/20

This past week we have been working on our technical manual. This has been slightly difficult for me for two reasons. The first being that I know little to nothing about Minecraft. The second is that I am not used to working in a large group like that. I am very glad I was not a guild leader because I would have found it very difficult to get everyone to keep working on the project. I have a few other group projects going on currently and I am struggling with all of them. I have high standards for my own projects, so when I have to split up the work with others it is difficult for me to give up control. I hope others will do the same level of work that I would try to do, but that is not always the case. I felt like as a class we all did a really great job doing the project well. All of the pages turned out great, and I almost felt like mine was one of the weaker ones. This is definitely due to the fact that when I signed up for “base worlds” I had thought I was signing up for like the different biomes. So, like forest, mountains, etc. Early on I realized this was not the case. Dazed and confused, I did some research on what exactly a base world is. After extensive research, I still have little to no clue as to what base worlds are. I buckled down though and kept going. I think I overall did a decent job on my page. I definitely put in effort and I even found downloadable education base worlds. This whole project really worked my persistence. Honestly, Minecraft in general works my persistence.

This project also made me think about responsibility. Since it is a whole class project, we really all have to be responsible for each individual part of it. If one person drops the ball, then the whole project could fall apart. We all get the same grade (hopefully) so it is important to pull your own weight and get work done on time. We all have to depend on each other. Even for raid 6 we have to depend on our partner to get their build done in a timely manner so that there is enough time to write an analysis. Lately it has been hard to meet deadlines with all the projects I have had, but knowing that I could be holding someone else up too has made me try harder to meet the deadlines we set in place as a class.

I recently started my raid 7 build and I have to say it is almost addicting. I worked on it for probably two hours straight and couldn’t quite stop. I think this had less to do with me actually enjoying playing Minecraft and more to do with my perfectionist attitude. I just didn’t want to stop until it was done or at least at a stopping place that felt ok to stop at. I don’t think I would ever play Minecraft if I didn’t have to for this class (very sorry) but I definitely don’t hate it as much as I did at first. Some of this might have to do with the fact that I am better at Minecraft now than I used to be. I am still terrible at it, but I don’t struggle as hard as before. I think I enjoy having something specific to build rather than just building something random. It doesn tinterest me as much to build a random house or anything like that.


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