A Home to Heal Elizabeth Chalker

After years of unexplained pain, suffering with undiagnosed illnesses, Elizabeth finally has the correct diagnoses and a treatment plan.

She has a chance to regain her life. But she needs help building a home where she can heal.


Why help me? A single childless, woman?

Because I am a fighter. I fight for myself, I fight for everyone I love and I fight for the underdogs in the world. Those who are seen as ‘less than’. Those who people arrogantly deem as ‘not worth it’.

Before becoming debilitated, Elizabeth worked as a Psychologist and Addictions Specialist. Her work was with violent juvenile offenders. She was able to affect change where other clinicians failed. Elizabeth also practiced Sports Psychology with young athletes, teaching them how to build confidence by playing with passion rather than intensity. She was very active in her community, giving of her services to those in need.

Elizabeth, pre-illness
I want to be well so I can get back to helping people again.

I didn’t give up. I didn’t give in. I’m not about to now.

After years of misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, I finally got the proper diagnoses. Rare Genetic diseases in my immune system and liver. That is putting it simply, as the diseases are very complex to diagnose and treat, with only a handful of specialists in the US who treat them. I found the doctors.

I have genetic diseases mainly in my liver and immune system.

Simply put, my liver is able to gather toxins from the body, however, it is not able to eliminate them. This means toxins continually get recirculated throughout my body causing me to get sicker. The easiest way to describe the genetic deficiencies in my immune system is to imagine taking photos and they all come back so blurry that you can’t make out what is in them. That’s how my immune system is. It doesn’t recognize pathogens (virus, molds, harmful toxins, etc.) so it lets everything in. I don’t typically get “regular sick” (i.e. a cold). What happens instead is that the bacteria or virus just goes into my system and causes more organ damage. As a result of all of this, everyday toxins such as colognes, off-gassing from artificial wood, laminate flooring, carpets, VOCs from paint, fiberglass insulation, particle board, etc., that most people do not even realize they have come into contact with, cause severe illness for me.

In order for treatment to begin and be effective towards helping Elizabeth heal, she first needs to be in a home that is built with non-toxic materials and one that is free of mold. Staying in exposure is life-threatening for her. —One of Elizabeth's Specialists

This is why I need a home built to specific standards.

Will you give something today to help me?

I have the support I need to build the home and the green builder all ready to go! I just need help to pay for the land.

Any amount is appreciated and every gift will add up. Together we can give Elizabeth a second chance at life. One day, we will each need the help and support of others. Today, Elizabeth needs it. Tomorrow, it may be you or me.

For more information on Elizabeth's story, visit www.helpelizabeth.net

Contributions are considered gifts and are not tax deductible, as this is not a non profit organization. All gifts received will go to helping Elizabeth.

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