Art in a Box ‘Art4Space share their magic and 20 years experience in a box. Bringing creativity and wellbeing into the lives of children and families in a time of isolation

Create. Connect. Inspire.

How did it come about?

Art4Space runs an accredited, creative art course for 7 – 19 year olds called Why Art Matters. The series of workshops cover a range of art mediums, from painting to textiles. They offer children a rare opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves. For children with behaviour issues or low self esteem it becomes a safe place for self-discovery and learning life skills through the arts.

In lockdown these courses came to an abrupt end. However, we were determined to continue our support and keep nourishing children’s creativity and wellbeing during the crisis.

The concept of ‘Art in a Box’ was born!

An important hands-on solution in these fragmented times.

What is Art in a Box?

'Art in a Box' is jam packed with all the materials, lesson plans and resources. We provide all the materials for classes in drawing, clay, mosaics, painting, sculpture, textiles, design and so much more. We include fun lesson plans with easy to follow instructions, extension activities, illustrations and inspiring quotes, as well as exercises in mindfulness for every lesson. The box also comes with a membership scheme and online tutorials and a sharing platform!

Sorting the art products
Julie Norburn, managing director of Art4Space says “In these unprecedented times ‘Art in a Box’ gives space for arts to have a meaningful place to create, connect and inspire”
Each child gets a wellbeing booklet
“we have worked hard to establish a solution for good quality art, creativity and wellbeing provision and we know through our 20 year experience how powerful the arts is to comfort unease” Eli Seath, business director Art4Space

Sharing our approach!

No right or wrong!

The box contains a colourful lesson guide for each subject. They outline the Art4Space philosophy and provide an easy to follow structure for the lesson.

We believe that everyone should have the space to explore their creativity, the process is just as important as the finished product and there is no right or wrong. Each lesson plan starts with a fun wellbeing activity and encourages curiosity and exploration before diving deeper into the medium.

The story so far!

Thanks to all our funders, and responding to the needs in our community we have now delivered school boxes, group boxes and a large number of individual boxes with more requests daily. The response so far has been fantastic, and has truly highlighted the importance of the resource.

“this will really help my two children process their feelings as they are worried about both parents working on the front line” Parent
Teams work together on junk modelling sculpture
We are really enjoying our art activities in school and it gives the children something to really look forward to twice a week. It is also something that the whole group enjoy doing together.
Exploring observational painting


Junk modelling in progress

The future for Art in a Box

Art4Space are working hard to gain more funding so that we can widen our reach to those most in need. If this is suitable for your community or workplace and you want to partnership with us on this scheme, please get in touch : jewels@art4space.co.uk

The importance of having access to arts in isolation
"Yes, the more I speak with parents, the clearer it is that they would benefit from Art boxes at home to support their mental health and well-being. The children find art so therapeutic and will spend extended periods of time focusing on colouring and drawing so any activities where the resources are provided would be great. I spoke with one child with Autism last week, who was talking about how much he loved painting and how is relaxed but said that he didn't have paint brushes so couldn't use his paints ... Lots of our children and families would love the art at home boxes as they just don't have the resources themselves. " Assistant Headteacher, Lambeth
Create. Connect. Inspire.

Contact us by email: jewels@art4space.co.uk