Dionosurous the best movie THEATER By:isaiah baker

The god of wine and fertility, my name is Dionysus

You would want to come here because it will calm you and you will have a lot of fun.

This is my father and he is my employe.

This is my mother and she is also my employe.

A long time ago... There was a lot of shape shifters out there and Dionysus was one of those shapeshifters. One minute he was a dangerous animal and the next minute he was a handsome man. So next dionysus was on a pirate ship and the pirates thought that he was a good person to slave but he was not. They tied him up to a pole on the ship and they thought that he would not escape. But next thing you know he was out of the ropes and the ropes were on the ground. So they tied him up again and he escaped again. He told them to drop him off at an island. So they dropped him off at an island and he found this woman and she was pretty to him. They talked forever and then they lived happily ever after


Created with images by derekskey - "Dionysus - Statue at the Vatican" • corsi photo - "Fun!"

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